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Megara Weddings

Megara Weddings


Megara is a luxury wedding and event planning company, committed to producing and executing timeless celebrations as a legacy planner for each clients’ milestone moments. We service clients across South Africa, with a particular focus on the Western Cape.
Our signature service is for those clients who want an unparalleled and innovative planning experience.
Our full-service approach ensures you feel supported at every stage of your wedding planning, by a team who is as committed to your celebration as you are.
We offer various co-ordination packages, tailored to each brides unique vision, requirements and budget.
Our team of expert wedding planners in Cape Town are on hand to support you throughout your wedding planning period, ensuring a wonderful day from start till finish.

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Meet the Top 4 Wedding Planners in Gauteng

Meet the Top 4 Wedding Planners in Gauteng

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