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Wild Almond Catering

What we offer:


- Assorted Platters from Savoury to Sweet
- Buffet Menu's from R70 per person
- Spit Braai from R95 per person
- Themed Cakes & Cupcakes, Cakes from R300 and Cupcakes from R8
- Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes, Cakes from R1800 and Cupcakes from R15
- Sweet tables (Weddings)
- Kids Party Buckets - You select the 'sweets' - From R40
- Pre-cooked Meals - Meals that can be frozen and reheated when needed
- Decor, Flowers - Based on your theme and desires
- Invites - Elegant Wedding and Birthday Invites
- Hiring - We hire out tables, chairs, tablecloths, chaircovers, plates, cutlery etc

Wedding Packages from R25 000 (60 guests) or R39 000 (100 guests). Packages can go up to 130 guests.

Contact us for this amazing offer

T&C's apply.

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2019 Wedding Food Trends You Need To Serve

2019 Wedding Food Trends You Need To Serve

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Gold Ambition

Gold Ambition

Gold Ambition is the theme for this styled shoot at Riverside Meadow.

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