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Danielle Schroder & Kai Lowe

Married on Sep 30, 2023 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

The Honeymoon


We didn't go on honeymoon straight away. Both my husband and myself are sometimes scatterbrains so we left the booking of the honeymoon for a little bit late (haha). This ended up being a blessing in disguise. We could relax a few days after the wedding before heading off to Thailand for the honeymoon.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

We got married in a small farming community called Harburg. The church where the ceremony took place is where I went to church as a little girl. The hall where the reception took place, I attended school assemblies during my first year of school.

Wedding Elements

My mother does wedding flowers - as a hobby and at times as a business as well. She is absolutely talented and totally saw the what I liked and made the impossible happen. It is an absolutely wonderful blessing to have her be the mother of the bride and 'head of decor'.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I wanted my bridesmaids to choose their hairstyles and dresses. Each had a different colour. I wanted them to feel comfortable and happy on the day as well. Pinterest definitely played a big part here - each found dresses here and Karen Couturier managed to make the dresses a reality.

Marriage Officer

The pastors that married us were my sisters parent-in-laws (Victor & Petra Röhrs)

My Captured Moments

Our photographer, videographer and the videographers assistant worked seamlessly together. They went above and beyond. They were incredibly professional and made us feel at ease. We even managed to grab some snacks and drinks after the wedding before going to the creative shoot. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

The Wedding Planner

In the German community that we grew up in, we do the planning ourselves. A wedding is never simply only one day. Months of planning take on a new meaning but this makes it more special for us as well - this is what we know and love.

Food & Cake

We asked people in the community to cook for us. This took - it takes a village- to a new level of meaning. The food was out of this world.
Our wedding cake was made by a local business. They managed to copy what we wanted in a wedding cake and the best of all...the cake was absolutely delicious!

Wedding Stationery

I am a graphic designer and did a lot of the stationery myself. We had printed table numbers, names, vow booklets, wedding programs/song booklets in the church and a wedding newspaper!

The Reception and Entertainment

The plan was always to take dancing lessons but we ran out of time and decided to 'wing it'. We had the absolutley most fun and stunning photos. Such a special moment dancing with my new husband for the first time!