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Gerda de Wet & Heinrich de Wet

Married on Feb 28, 2023 in Garden Route

Magical Moments


Moving away from a traditional wedding, we decided to get ready for the wedding together, at our own lovely home. We were fortunate enough to have our kids join in on the fun and it was a cherished moment to see my husband show my son how to fix his tie, and when he helped me zip up the back of my dress, and my daughter having her hair done in our Livingroom. We went to town with our photographer, who has been our dearest friend for years, Adele Van Zyl, and finished all our photos before the ceremony so to make sure we don't keep our guests waiting between ceremony and reception.
Our officiator, is one of my husband's friends from school, and this too was such an endearing experience.
My walk down the isle was one to remember, walking small parts of the isle with my brother, my husbands father, and finally my son - who did the honor of giving me away.
We exchanged our own vows, and my daughter's beautifully dressed puppy, decided to start his own little conversation with us as he clearly wanted to share a moment. The venue, Salt & Copper, was perfect. The food, was perfect, and only our closest and dearest family and friends attended our special day on a Tuesday afternoon. We now lovingly refer to the day, as Once Upon a Tuesday with the main aim to have it as personal as possible, and guests involved as possible.

The Honeymoon


We were fortunate enough to be gifted a weekend away by our close friends, and was treated to a cottage weekend in the Karoo, on a farmstead outside Oudtshoorn.
Though quite hot, we enjoyed lazy days next to the swimming pool as well as tourist attractions around the Karoo area.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My hair was loosely braided and made up by Amazing Transformations, Dienkie van den Berg , with hair accessories included. My wedding dress is a fit and flare cut with open back. I am exceptionally proud because I was able to, for the first time in my life, pay for something as beautiful as this dress by myself. I felt an amazing sense of achievement and felt equally beautiful in it. Dress bought from Pebbles Boutique Voorbaai.
My shoes were imported - Shein :) - but they were comfortable and looked great.
My jewellery was gifted from my mother and friends to make up the 'Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed' rhyme and also giving the guests a chance to be part in forming the bridal look.

The Venue

The venue of choice was Salt & Copper / Harmony Distillery at Hart & Bosch. Perfect choice with the rustic vintage look we desired together with a warm and cozy atmosphere. All included from food, beverages, waiters and some décor, it left very little extras needed to do. We could arrive with the peace of mind that all is ready and done. Not needing to jump between suppliers and contact persons to work together.
We had the venue hall divided in such a manner for ceremony and reception to be as one, not needing to move between the two, and giving the guests the opportunity to order some drinks before the ceremony started. This gave way to a very relaxed easy going atmosphere for all.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

As all brides are afraid of not fitting in their perfect dress, I actually had the issue of NOT fitting in my perfect dress 2 months before the wedding! Purchasing the dress 6 months prior the wedding, I injured my ankle 4 months before the date and started spiraling down an all you can eat routine. Even though my then fiancé assured me I look beautiful and still the same, the dress told a different story with the zipper not even passing my waist. Disaster...
Downloading the MyNetDiary app on my mobile and searching for appropriate exercises to target my problem area (waist of course) I immediately started an eating and home exercise routine which paid off wonderfully.

Wedding Elements

Keeping to a simple 'little is more' route we made the table décor ourselves. This included plants from our garden at home, bottled and given the chance to sprout beautiful roots within the glass jars and grey stones. Paired up with wood plates and handmade paper flowers. Also acting as gifts for guests to take home. Together with this we used a local lady to make handmade pots with succulents which paired nicely together.
A sentimental hexagon arch was made by my husband and his father, making it a bonding experience and keep sake for our home in days to come.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband grew his hair for about 14 months for this day, and on the day had a braided knot, a stone coloured slim fit suit with brown shoes and accessories, matched by a flower tie.
My son wore a handsome grey and black suit, rounding it off with black and white sneakers, giving him a stylish teenage look.

My Captured Moments

Our dearest, and exceptionally talented, Adele van Zyl covered the whole day. Please see and support her work on