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Hayley Koch & Cornelius Koch

Married on Oct 29, 2023 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Magical Moments


My husband and I met through his love for Rugby. He was chosen by a Rugby Scout to leave his home city Pretoria to play here in Durban. We met at a Rugby club called Harlequins. The night that we met happened by pure chance. We were having a girl’s night in at home and then we decided to go for a few dances at Harlequins. When we got there my mom saw these two guys sitting at a table and she just asked politely if they could look after our bags. As the night continued I really noticed there was a connection between the one guy and I but never thought much of it. After the night ended he went his way and I went my way. After that night we both thought we would never see each other again. Little did I know that he actually played for Harlequins and there was going to be many more opportunities to see each other. We bumped into each other again and from there it was a connection we could not let go of. Prior to this he had already been living in the same area I stayed for a year and I never ever saw him. God’s timing is perfect. Fast forward to 2014 he asked me out on New year’s day and from then we were and still are each others best friends. After 3 months he called me his wife and I knew this would be the start of many great things. After 9 years of being together we joined a Church called Empower Church Durban. This is where our life really began. On the 22nd of October we got Baptised in our church. On the 28th of October we got engaged and on the 29th of October we got married. Everything fell perfectly in place. On the weekend of our engagement all I was expecting was to celebrate the Rugby World Cup finals. On the morning of the finals we went to a look out point where he popped the big question a huge whale jumped out of the water as we got there ! I was besides myself. My whole body was shaking and my heart was full of joy. When we got home we celebrated with family. Moments later my husband to be came in and announced to myself and family that we will get married on the Sunday. Everyone was in complete shock and jumped with joy and excitement. My husband phoned our church and they said that it just happens that they have the marriage book on hand and it has to leave on Sunday night with Prophet to go back to Pretoria. This was a confirmation from God that my husbands proposal was on His perfect timing.On Saturday we didn’t only celebrate the Springboks by winning by 1 point but we celebrated our engagement and soon to be wedding day. On Sunday my mom and I found my dress that was the only one left in my size as well as on sale for R150.00. Once I got to the counter they told me I could get something else for that amount as it’s the red sticker sale. I then received my wedding shoes as well. After that I was blessed with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers where the florist added beautiful diamantes and ribbon at no extra cost. Everything just perfectly fell into place. I then got married at 4:30pm on Sunday. We stayed for the sermon by Prophet and went home very late. Due to it being very late the very first meal we could have as husband and wife was K.F.C as we got there it was loadshedding and they were closing up. They then decided to start a fresh batch of food everything that we wanted so that we could have a good meal to eat. It was the best weekend of my life and it was so unique and special. We would be forever grateful to win this prize so that we can celebrate our big day with all our loved ones. This would be a gift of a lifetime! We met through Rugby and fell inlove and then were joined as one on one of the most memorable weekends for every South African!

The Honeymoon


No,we havent gone on Honeymoon as yet.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was very natural.

The Venue

Empower Church Durban.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didnt have time to do any of this haha

Wedding Elements

I just had flowers done for my special day. We bought my bouquet from a local florist.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Clothes he had in the cupboard.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Didnt have bridesmaids.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was someone from our Church.

My Captured Moments

Our family captured our wedding day.

The Wedding Planner


Wedding Transport

We used our own car.