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Sarah Camara & Enzo Camara

Married on Aug 27, 2022 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


1. Dancing until the end of the night with the man of my dreams, in my dream dress
2. Being surrounded by people we know love us as much as we love them
3. My very English brother tore ligaments learning to sokkie the day before our wedding
4. My dad dove to stop the cake from falling, he fractured a rib
5. Dropping the cake a second time, at the wedding... see the gallery
6.Having my entire (emigrated) family there after not being able to see each other for 3 longs years, due to COVID-19
7. Saying stuff it, and having a long Line of bridesmaids.
8. My best friend helping me pull my stockings off in the bathroom so that I could dance.
9. My Grandad giving a message that was so personal and tailored to us. A true message from God for our marriage.
10. Getting pies from the Petrol station at 1 AM after our wedding, before going to our accommodation for the night.

The Honeymoon


Being a young couple, it looked as if we were not going to be able to afford a honeymoon. We made peace with staying home and spending some time exploring our new town. However, we were blessed with a full all expenses paid honeymoon to Sun City. We have never experienced so much fun, without the burden of finances weighing it down. We ate ourselves full at the buffet, lay on the beach at the valley of waves, roamed the golf course and took a ride on a huge zip-line. The best part was to just rest, and have fun together - unburdened by financial pressure. It was a once in a life time experience.

Wedding Gallery


The Venue

Ceremony: NG Kerk, Rawsonville
Reception:Die Stalle at Blouebessies Cabriere, Rawsonville.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Vaseline, Coconut oil and lots of caffeine.

I tried to work out and eat right before the wedding, but honestly, it became an unhealthy obsession. A month before the wedding I said, "Nope, it's not worth this."

So, we ate celebratory dinners with friends and family in anticipation, spend time in the sun and allowed friends to bless me with my favourite foods and chocolates instead of rejecting sweet gifts. The severe weight watching, for me at least, turned the focus of our marriage away from our union and to how the photographs would come out. I even decided not to wear spanks, in all my womanly-healthy-mufin-top glory. Luckily for me, my dress was very dynamic, hiding anything that would have snuggled out into sight.

For my bridal look, the inspiration was natural, but glamorous.

The wonderful and highly acclaimed Merlize Du Toit did my hair and make-up.
I was an anxious bride feeling rather insecure, but she sat with me through trials and made me feel so beautiful on the wedding day. My hair was sleekly put in bun for the ceremony and whipped out for the reception. Merlize allowed my look to transform! She is a beauty wizard!

Here is some information on the wonderful Merlize:
"Her work has been published in magazines nationally and internationally. She's recently had her makeup and hair artistry gracing the covers of local magazines featuring the lovely Afrikaans singer, Andriette Norman. Merlize is also the personal makeup artist and stylist to Gospel singer and tv presenter Rouchelle Liedemann."

Wedding Elements

I spent months collecting dried flowers, fake flowers at the local Stellenbosch Hospice and having family members hem cloth for me. It was a family affair of flower collecting.

Luckily, our venue was fully decorate to our taste already. Rustic, yet glamorous!

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom: Euro suit
Groomsmen: Bow ties from china town, and Suits from Mr Suit Hire.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Champagne colour dresses of their choice.

Marriage Officer

My Granddad (Mum's dad) married us at our wedding, however we did get legally married before hand in a garden wedding, where all disabled and very frail family members could be a part of our special day. There we were married by Pastor Kevin O'Donaghue, my grandma( Dad's mum) and late grandad's very dear friend, who knew me since before I was born!

My Captured Moments

Jonathan and Chane, at StackShot Photography

Wedding Transport

We couldn't afford any, but my best friend did drive myself and my 3 sisters to the church in my busted up 2006 Hyundai Atos... It was quite something to see.

Food & Cake

My lovely Mum and Aunty made my cake and desert. It was beautiful. ( before I dropped it)
Die Stalle catered to our financial needs and made the most wonderful meal for us!

Wedding Stationery

I am a graphic designer, and so is my mother in-love. I designed the stationary. And my Mum in law printed and added the beautiful hand written touches... I was recovering from a broken hand! She also created the most perfect digital invites for us!

The Reception and Entertainment

Being surrounded by Afrikaans friends and family, all we needed was a treffer and we were good to go!
Our DJ was incredible!