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Veruschka Muller

Veruschka Muller &

Married on Jun 25, 2022 in North West Province


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How did your love story begin?


In March 2018 I was using the dating app Tinder, I liked his profile photos and the bio and decided to swipe right. As luck would have it he also swiped right on me and we started chatting that same night. We chatted for about a week and he wanted to go for coffee and I kept on saying I was busy and couldn't go as I was afraid and felt I would not be good enough and just get rejected again. Eventually I said yes ill meet up with him and so it all started. His mom told me a year later that Hanlan felt the same as I did but kept on trying

Tell us all about the proposal.


Myself and Hanlan talk to each other about everything so I knew he wanted to propose but never knew when. I was at a jewelry store one day and decided to take photos of the rings I liked and sent it to him so he had more or less an idea of what i would like. As soon as finances were available he went and bought the ring I wanted in the beginning of December 2019, we went to his aunt for a few days that lives on a farm outside Schweizer, the one morning he told me he wants to go for a drive on the farm and I must get ready. I didn't think much of it and just put the first set of clothes on I found in the closet, we where driving trough the lands , he stopped and said that he saw something in the land and that I should get out and stand in front of the bakkie then ill be able to see it a well. So I got out and tried to look. He got out and went to the back of the bakkie looking for something. He took quite a while and them said I think it's moving towards us, I got scared because I wouldn't see what he said was in the land so I told him I'm scared and want to get in the bakkie and he said no come get on the back of the bakkie it's okay and when I got to the back he had the champaign glasses out and was down on one knee his words were: you are the best thing that happened to me and I can't see my life without you I love you and don't want to spend another moment as your boyfriend, I want to be your fiance, will you marry me. I was so shocked and said to him yes but the thing in the land is still coming towards us and I'm scared, he got up and started laughing and then gave me a kiss and said there's nothing in the lands I just wanted to keep you busy so that I can surprise you

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