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Tebogo Kesi

Tebogo Kesi &

Married on Feb 5, 2022 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


The highlights and the most memorable moments of our wedding day will have to be walking down the aisle with my brother and seeing my husband waiting for me with a very big smile and full of happiness. When we shared our heart felt vows before our families, friends the pastor. When We said "I do" to the beginning of our forevers and knew that we meant it, but most of all when we had to put our signatures and inked thumbs on paper to make our union as the newly weds, Mrs and Mrs Kesi official

The Honeymoon


My husband and I did not go on honeymoon. We were just to happy to tie the knots and share our couple of forevers together. We just couldn't wait to be one any longer.

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My Special Day

My wedding look was very simple yet so elegant. I had a small and initimate mordern traditional wedding. First attire was Batswana traditional attire known as letoitse by KNS Fashion Design in Mafikeng, followed by a very simple, sexy and elegant off shouldet blue and white shweshwe/traditional medium tailed dress also by KNS Fashion Design. The only jewellery I was wearing was earings from Lovisa, beautiful and comfortable shoes from Woolworth and Truworths.

The Venue

My wedding venue was at home, everything took place at home. Lobolo negotiations, the matrimonial ceremony and also signing happened at my place. We had asked the pastor to come and do everything on one day at home where I grew up at. Main reason behind is I wanted to create a memory where I was born and raised, also at the only place which held very dear memories created with my late grandmother, so I saw it fit that I do it there since it was the only place I would feel closest to her and feel her presence. Majority of my guest do not stay far, they came in on the day of the wedding, and few that stay a bit far slept over on the day of the wedding and left the following morning just so we spend time together after the wedding event.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

It was all thanksvto my Bestfriend who who happened to be my Matron of honor as well, she pushed me to be disciplined about certain things. Naturally, I am not a gym fan and also I don't do and follow diets on how to lose weight, however, prior to our wedding day, I still had baby fats and she encouraged me to start doing home exercises and drew me a diet to follow at least until the wedding day. As hard as it was for me since it was the first for me. From a distance she gave me a moral support by walking this journey with me and that really assisted me with consistency and discipline. Taking care of my skin, a month towards the wedding day, I had started to take care of my skin, not that I have irritating skin, but again its not flowless, so I had started drinking a lot of water, regularly have facial wash and keeping my skin moist with clinique facial products , avoid being in the sun as hard as I can by trying to stay indoors most of the time, use umbrella when I go out and apply sun screen. Because if too much stress of planning, I had visited body spa for full body massage two times before the big day to release some stress and tension.