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Mbasa Nkohla

Mbasa Nkohla &

Married on Feb 26, 2022 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Me and my Husband we started dating 2014, His name is Odwa Jikijela and we meet on Facebook he told me he loved me and was so afraid to love him back reason I was pregnant and afraid to let him down. He keeps on telling me how much His so in love with me till I decided to tell him that we can't be together because I am pregnant with someone's else child. He surprised me and told me he don't mind and we continue with our relationship till now, yes we had our ups and downs as we both got sick and even that could not stop us we keep going and he proposed to me and he paid lobola at home, now we only wish to have a beautiful wedding of our dreams. We will appreciate if we can win the competition to show him that I appreciate him of all he did for me, giving support to me as I am not working, we also having a Daughter of 5 months. I want to thank him telling him about my stressful past which he gave me a support till I find peace. Hope all my story will be well said when I get a chance to meet you in person some sensitive things I can't sad them in writing.
Thank you

Tell us all about the proposal.


He proposed me from the very 1st day he told me he is in love with from 2014 and that time I didn't believe him but since 2021 June he made it officially on June by paying Lobola

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