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Azelda van Vuuren &

Married on Dec 3, 2022 in Limpopo


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Tell us all about the proposal.


In November 2021 my boyfriend took me on vacation to his favourite city - Cape Town. Before then I’d never been to the Western Cape.

The whole first half of 2022 he’d been “planning to celebrate my birthday in Cape Town”. I wasn’t keen on this because in my head I’m thinking: “Cape Town must be extremely cold in July”. But I insisted anyway and it turned out to not be that bad.

Our itinerary for July 1st was Cape Town Helicopter Tours. We both really looked forward this. We did all the safety prep before boarding. As I walked to the heli I started feeling all the more nervous. During ascension he held my hand to check in that I was okay. The pilot gave us a tour of Camps Bay, V & A Waterfront, Clifton Beach, Twelve Apostles. Table Bay.

After the tour We headed back to V & A where the helipad was. We had these purity rings that we got when we started dating - which I had since I was a teen. He takes my hand and removes my purity ring which seemed sus to me but it didn’t bother me. I thought it was a joke. I asked for it back and he refused but told me I’ll get it back when we land.

On the descend my mind is trying to tie this event and my mum telling me prior to departing to cape that my boyfriend asked my dad to go out to coffee. One more thing then raised my suspicions. The heli didn’t land on the pad. I asked myself why. So we got off the heli the way we’ve been instructed to during safety briefing. And I kept rushing him because I was freezing and I didn’t have my coat on. He just took his sweet time.

He then grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug. I didn’t want to let go because firstly I was freezing and secondly the fact that he asked me to turn around and wanted to let go confirmed all my suspicions. “This person is proposing”. I turned and the crew was there holding up a banner that said Will you marry me. I turned back and he was on one knee. He gave the speech of his life and I remember nothing. One, I was freezing and two, I just couldn’t believe that he’d pull off our dream proposal. We always see this in movies but I’d never thought this would be a reality.

We had brunch afterwards at this seafood restaurant then headed back to the hotel. He showed me all the crazy TikToks in his drafts where I was asleep at midnight and him putting the ring in its case on me. I felt nothing. I sleep like a rock.

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