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Nomzamo Stöber &

Married on Oct 8, 2022 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


I was invited by a friend for drinks at Finnezz, a restaurant /fusion café, located near the beachfront in Port Elizabeth on 9 March 2018. So, I went there with my room-mate. When we arrived there were two other friends at the table we were sitting at but Markus was not there. Evidently, he had also been invited, but he arrived an hour later, so there were six of us at the table. A few minutes after we were introduced we had a one-on-one conversation while sitting with the rest of the friends. I thought, “Damn! I like this guy!”. We just clicked. I think we had more or less a thirty minute conversation before he left with his friend. About 4 months later he “liked” me on an interracial dating site page but didn’t realize that it was me. When he asked if we could meet, of course I agreed. We exchanged numbers and chatted for a week or so before we arranged to meet up, neither of us realizing we had met that night at Finnezz. On 06 July 2018 I sent him my GPS location and he came to pick me up on 7 JULY 2018, our 1st DATE. We still had no clue we had met before so I posted a photo of him and me on my WhatsApp status. It was only when another friend of mine called and sent me a picture of us the night that we recalled.So we started dating, I introduced him to my family and daughter.

It is the quality of the person and not the colour of their skin. Combining different cultures, though a challenge too, makes for a richer life where you can both show each other the best of yours. it also keeps things interesting!
Love is the emotion that follows when you find someone whose values closely match yours. Values such as communicating, being supportive, nurturing and protective, being demonstrative and affectionate, accepting your children as their own. Those values are found in any culture and race, and when you find someone like that you want to not lose them.

Its important to note that there are high cases of human trafficking so before heading out to meet someone you've met via an online platform, make sure to follow these steps:

- Video chat before you meet up in person. 

-Tell a friend where you’re going

-Meet in a public place
-Trust your instincts

Tell us all about the proposal.


He proposed to me after 6 months Dating in a boat cruise in Cape Town, as we were on our Holiday trip. I was surprised and Very Happy.

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