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Janine Korvessis Hair and Makeup

Janine Korvessis


In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as being extremely outgoing and free-spirited. For the most part, the more wonderfully weird and creative things or people are, the more I adore them. When I love, I love completely, and when I have my heart set on something I pour my soul into achieving it. My kids are my biggest inspiration, they inspire me to work harder through the incredible love I have for them which fuels my drive to provide for them. I am a strong believer in total freedom in self-expression and acceptance of others without judgement i find it very liberating and i have experienced that all of this permeates through to creativity in the workplace…and life in general. Remaining grounded and true to who I am is important, this truth echoes to those around me and basically boils down to…what you see is what you get!

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