The Bride-to-be has only one chance to kick off her new life. Do it with an unforgettable laugh-out-loud party that helps her keep the romance alive long after the Honeymoon!
Pure Romance by Vivienne specialises in “in-home” parties for ladies only, over 18. I am there to assist you all the way – helping with theme ideas, invitations, hilarious games to break the ice with the bridal party and friends.
I will guide you and your guests through the best of our bath, beauty and enhancement products and bedroom accessories. My parties range from “mild” to “wild”.
Worried about guests who may feel a bit shy? Don’t be! All Consultants are professional, educational and entertaining. My goal is always to make you feel comfortable, and to respect your privacy both during the demo and in the Ordering Room, (or “Vegas”, as I like to call it (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!).
Pure Romance Consultants are provided with extensive sexual health and intimacy information. When I take the stage learning and laughter begin!
Guests can purchase gifts for the Bride individually, or they can pool efforts to give a phenomenal Honeymoon Package! With so many wonderful and fun products to choose from, the Bride can fill her Pure Romance “Wish list”, and the guests will have to have something for themselves too.
Every woman deserves to be spoiled!
So, let me give the Bride (and her guests) tips on how to feel confident and sexy on her wedding day, wedding night and every day after that! Book today, and start planning a party that the Bride and her guests will remember for years to come.


I’ve got all your Bride-to-be needs covered. As an added BONUS when you host your Bachelorette party with Pure Romance by Vivienne, the Bride will receive FREE gifts!


So if you want to experience a Pure Romance party before the Bachelorette party to see what it is all about, get your girlfriends together for a “Girls Night In”! Whether it’s a Birthday party, and Little Black Dress Party, a Chocolate and Wine party, or anything you want to call it, a Pure Romance by Vivienne party is just what you need for that Fun night in!
Get your girlfriends to bring their own bottle of wine and a plate of “naughty” eats, and I’ll give a prize for the “naughtiest” plate, and you don’t have to cater!
I love to spoil my hostess! Every hostess gets a gift and no hostess pays full price for the items on her shopping list.
So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call or send a message and I’ll be in contact with you shortly!
We take Debit cards, Credit cards or Cash
If your party is out of my area, I will ensure that a trained and experienced sister Consultant takes care of you, we have Consultants in all areas of the country.

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