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Lemon Square Productions is a boutique video production company, based in Cape Town, operating all over South Africa. With its creative products, great consistency and unique perspectives, Lemon Square Productions is the preferred choice for all wedding, corporate and advertising productions. The creative team behind Lemon Square captures more than just a video, we capture your story; allowing you to relive your special moments forever. Our unique perspectives resemble the fresh scent of a lemon and their creative products the sweetness of a lemon square, hence the name Lemon Square Productions.

The professional Lemon Square photographers pride themselves not only on delivering the highest quality video productions, but also on delivering superb client services. Our hands-on approach to client service and communication is what sets them apart from other production companies. Whether filming a wedding, corporate video, advertisement or celebration, Lemon Square Productions captures all of the emotions in a single frame.
Lemon Square Productions – allowing you relive your most sentimental moments in full HD.

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Latina Love Story

Latina Love Story

Red lips and lace take centre stage in this South American style shoot.

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