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Tailor made wine labels for your guests

Blending, labeling and selling wine is essentially what Cork & Cap does, however there’s more. The wine, sourced from the Stellenbosch wine route, is skilfully blended by our in house wine maker, delivering a delicious, easy drinking wine to suit any celebration. Up to this stage the bottles are unlabelled. Why? This is the fun part. You get to select your own label, TAILOR-MADE. Choose a design from Cork & Cap’s extensive label selection to which you can add your wedding date, a note to guests, a poem or even your wedding emblem and colours. The canvas is yours to fill…

Cork & Cap’s talented wine maker worked in the USA for a few years where he gained similar experience to what Cork & Cap does. The concept of labelling your own wine is very popular over there. “We did extensive research in the South African event space and feel confident in offering clients a product that tastes of superb quality, is unique and can be that added touch to make any event personal and special. We want to offer the client a medium to communicate his/her message in a smart, quirky and fun way.” says Chrizanda Botha.

Cork & Cap identified a few genres they believe clients will be interested in and appointed a graphic designer to make a selection of high-quality illustrations that forms the base of the client’s custom-made label-design.
Clients can choose between a wide variety of themes suited to their celebration, including classic, romantic, as well as fun and quirky. These label designs are merely templates, which can be tailored to suit your wedding perfectly.

Cork & Cap also caters for the craft beer fans, and have partnered with a few of the well-known local breweries offering a wide selection of unlabelled craft beers. The tailor-made label concept applies again, which make these beers ideal pre-drinks for a wedding, or even a wedding favour.

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