Pure Romance By Charmaine

The bride-to-be has only one chance to kick off her new life. Do it with an unforgettable laugh-out-loud party that helps her keep romance alive long after the honeymoon! When you host, I'm there for you all the way—helping with guest list, guiding you through a Pure Romance registry, and brainstorming hilarious games to break the ice with the bridal party and friends. Guests can purchase gifts for the bride individually or pool efforts to give a phenomenal honeymoon package—and with hundreds of exclusive bath, beauty, and romance products to choose from, they'll have to have something for themselves! Book your Bachelorette/Hen Party today and start planning a night the bride and the guests will remember for years to come!

As a Pure Romance Consultants I have been provided with extensive sexual health and intimacy information. When I take the stage, the learning and laughter begin! I will guide you and your guests through the best in our bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories!

Worried about guests who may be a bit shy? Don't be! I'm professional. All ordering is done confidentially and I offer one-on-one consultation so each woman can select the products that are right for her. Single or in a relationship, we have something for everyone!

The parties are free...
We've got all your bride-to-be needs covered, so hurry and book your party today! As an added bonus, when you host your bachelorette party with Pure Romance, the bride will receive FREE gifts!

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