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June Richards Photography

June Richards Photography


My name is June, I am a Garden Route based photographer that specializes in Destination Weddings and Adventure Elopements in the Garden Route and across South Africa. I have a unique responsibility to capture the sacred essence of your wedding day in a way that will allow you to relive every moment and feel every butterfly all over again, long after the physical experience has passed.

I decided to become a destination wedding photographer because I have a love for people and all things love! As well as traveling and adventure - climb a mountain for a sunrise, i’m that person, stay late to stargaze, i’m that person. Combining those was the perfect mix to live out my passion, which is photography!

I have a unique approach to a photojournalistic / documentary style. I aim to capture the natural / raw moments between the poses, although I believe there is always a time for beautifully posed photographs. My editing style is on the warmer side of dark and moody but I still keep to the true to life colors as much as possible and I do not over edit.

What you’ll get when you invest in me; not just a service - it’s an experience. Countless consultations on your inspirations, loves, pet peeves and more. Walls of texts of both of us getting excited about your dress/decor/cake/flowers! Timeline creation, questionnaires and a wedding guide filled with my top tips and tricks to achieve flawless photographs on your wedding day. When your day comes you will probably find me sobbing behind my camera. Afterwards I’ll be sorting through your photos one-by-one, retouching each and every one individually to the utmost perfection. You’ll then be invited to a Reveal Celebration where we will pop champagne and relive every moment together!! So if you’re looking for an advocate / biggest fan / friend for life, I’m your gal!

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