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DK Events

DK Events Sound & Lighting


First of all, we want to thank you for considering DK Events Sound & Lighting, the place where quality is our main priority and where true professionalism stands out. We know that the sound & lighting is a crucial element to your wedding day and needs to be a serious part of your planning and can contribute to the success of your wedding.

We are not just DJ’s that plays a variety of music and sit back and hope the next song gets people to the dancefloor, we are trained professional DJ’s to read and understand a crowd from any age group or culture and that is what make DK Events the most feared competitor in the industry.


“Memory Lane”
We offer you a trip down memory lane with a professionally created slide show, from childhood days to where you met, all that embarrassing photos for everyone to enjoy, displayed on three Full HD LED TV screens with light background music while the bride and groom is on their photo session.

“Breathtaking Effects”
DK Events have a variety of lighting and effects, moving heads, par lights, lasers and H2O effects to make your day more special than ever making your wedding day the talk of the town.


DK Events is accompanied by some of the big names in the music industry, names like Numark, Chauvet DJ, Hybrid, Beamz, JB Systems and Asus. We only use quality, providing a superb service and quality sound and lighting to make your day everyone talks about. All cables and accessories are included, we also include wireless mics and mic stands.

“Backup Power”
In the state South Africa is at this stage no one knows when load shedding will stop, and do you really want load shedding to ruin your special day. No music at the ceremony, no music at the reception I will call that a disaster, DK Events have back up power for 18 hours continues. We will be the light on your big day.

Affordability & Pre-Wedding Meeting

We provide professional services to suite everyone’s budget different wedding packages from Bronze packages for small weddings to Platinum packages for big weddings, each package consist of what may be required.
We are not only your DJ, we are your partner, we will arrange a pre-wedding to discuss every detail from ceremony to reception, all the do’s and don’ts what must play and what mustn’t play it’s your day, we want you to enjoy every moment stress free.

Remember one thing…
It’s not a party without us!!!

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DK Events Special

DK Events Special

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