The Lichtenstein Castle

The Lichtenstein Castle is situated against the mountainside in Houtbay overlooking the harbour. It is the tallest structure on Karbonkelberg.

The Castle lends itself to events with photographic opportunities in every direction, from the rolling green lawns complete with dragons, to the gargoyle statues on the bridge and turrets.

Every room tells a tale, with its warm teak underfloor heating, hand painted ceilings, stained glass windows and carvings of dragons and tapestries in rich beautiful textiles.

The Ballroom

Black and white checkered floors, mirrored walls, handcrafted pillars complete with glass blown flowers. It is a room from a movie that any princess would love to dance all night in.

The Honeymoon Suite

Is situated in one of the towers. It consists of 3 levels the lounge, the bathroom and the bedroom.

Not far from the helipad is a wooden bridge leading to a private waterfall.
The heated swimming pool overlooks the ocean, in the evening the steam from the pool creates a most ominous scene.

There are 2 banqueting rooms - with handcrafted wooden furniture and incredible fire places. The banqueting room consists of a balcony and handcrafted DJ booth.

The Castle tells many mythical tales and lends itself to any event.

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Groom Inspiration

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