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Soetendal Venue

Welcome to Soetendal Venue


Situated on the highly esteemed Soetendal Estates in the winding valleys of Wellington, this venue is a sight to behold.
Built from the ground up with a bride’s needs in mind, this venue has been fine tuned to cater to each and every need for the perfect wedding.

The main hall is very spacious and can comfortable seat more than 200 guests with room to move. Our venue isn’t themed and was designed to be a blank canvas for each bride to live out her absolute dream wedding.
Hanging overhead are gorgeous chandeliers that adds to the elegance of the venue.

A spacious bar was built to avoid overcrowding when getting refreshments. A lounge next to the bar has a sense of relaxation and with the fire lit, will be a beautiful addition to a winter wedding.

Outside there is potential for lounge clusters as well as outdoor fires going to keep guests warm when getting some fresh air.

Our chapel is hidden amongst the trees and is accessed by walking beside our beautiful dam. This fairytale setting is a wonderful place to have your ceremony, but brides are not limited to using only that as Soetendal Venue is as flexible as it is beautiful.

The venue was built from the ground up with a practical approach to elegance and with that comes potential for just about any wish a bride could have.

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