Nacht Wacht is one of the oldest farms in the Overberg. This charming old farm has been in our family since 1885. Today it is still as beautiful as 100 years ago and it is still a working farm. My passion in life is food, people and art. That makes my work very easy. Normally when I first speak to a bride a get a vision (not in the eerie kind) of what we're going to do. I also believe that you doesn't choose a venue, a venue choose you.

Most of my clients are from abroad and we have pulled of stunning weddings that has been put together via emails, skype and pics. Technology makes the world very small. We do everything, that makes me a wedding planner, florist, caterer and sometimes a psychologist! We create a perfect package for every bride, because they all are unique.

We also have 2 stunning self catering cottages on the farm, normally the one cottage is included with the wedding package. There is no need for self-catering, since the restaurant is on the same premises.

We are on the R316, 8km from Bredasdorp and 12 km from Arniston. What normally happen is the wedding will take place on the Saturday, but the family and friends will have the whole weekend to celebrate in Arniston. There is not alot of places that can compete with Arniston if it comes to romance.

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