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Congratulations from the Faber & Allin Inc. Attorneys team on your upcoming wedding day.


Wrap up the formalities before tying the knot.

It is important to note that The Matrimonial Property Act 88 of 1994 apply to the proprietary aspects of marriages concluded after 1 November 1984. The matrimonial property system you elect under the Act has a direct consequence on your financial future and the position of your assets.

It is important to also note that should you not enter into any form of antenuptial contract before your wedding day, your marriage will be ‘in community of property” automatically.

There are 3 primary marital regimes available:
1. In community of property;
2. Out of community of property excluding the accrual system; and
3. Out of community of property with an accrual system.

One specific regime is not necessarily the best for each and every couple and depends on the individual needs and circumstances of each couple. It is important to give careful considerations to the marital regime that will govern your marriage, and to make an informed decision, as this becomes relevant in scenarios of either:
Donations between spouses;
Legal claims against spouses;
Household requirements;
Estate planning; as well as
Income tax Matters.

Our pre-marital contract service is offered at an all-inclusive cost of R 3500.00 which includes:

An initial joint consultation with both parties to explain and discuss the different marital regimes available under South African law, thereby enabling you to make an informed decision;
Drawing of all formal documents required such as:- Power of Attorney, Indemnity, the antenuptial contract and associated correspondences
Discussion of the contract drawn and attending to signature thereof
Lodgement and registration at the Deeds Office
Provision of the requisite Notary letter as required by the marriage officer
Provision of the duly registered contract after registration at the Deeds Office

No hidden costs and no additional charges: an effective and efficient bespoke service.

Our offices are conveniently located in Sandton and we offer preliminary digital based consultations for your ease of reference.

Visit our website for more details at or email us at for more information.

We look forward to facilitating the legal formalities to ensure your wedding is all about you and your special day.

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