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Éhl-Kah Creative

Éhl-Kah Creative


In 2016, we celebrated Michelle’s birthday at a wine bar in Stellenbosch and after a glass or two, we got onto the topic of starting a business and the ideas just started rippling. We realized that we have similar realistic goals and want to be successful.

We both lost our fathers in 2015 and developed a new outlook on life. We want to make a change, we want to be different and we want to show our passion. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied client, turning people’s dreams into reality.

After a few months of discussions, we decided to take these ideas, along with our practical experience, and do the necessary research to form something that would be unique in what we believe we are good at.
So, a Year later, we took the leap of faith and created Phase Events & Marketing.

Why Phase? Well, we tend to forget how special and interesting our lives are, the phases of life we go through that occasionally slip by, and those that you will never forget - basically the phases of growing up and in the end, adulting as some would say. Modern technology and our digital world influences lives daily and results in making events more interesting and fun.

We want to create something unique and special for YOU, whether it be organizing an event or conference or marketing your social media platforms, we are there to make it happen!

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