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Raymond Hauptfleisch

Raymond Hauptfleisch

There are so many trials and tribulations leading up to your big day that the last thing you need is a ceremony marred by a fumbling, humming and hawing marriage officer. It’s my pleasure to have been a marriage officer for 12 years and counting. I have officiated over countless civil and religious weddings and will tailor my services to be as long and short, formal and casual as you please.

I conduct services in and around Pretoria and Joburg. Note that I prefer to officiate in English, but am willing to butcher Afrikaans at your discretion.

In addition to my services as a marriage officer, I can also provide legal counsel, issue a marriage certificate and register the marriage at Home Affairs.

You can consider me your one-stop marriage officer shop.

Weddings are inherently complicated affairs, but I can ease your way through all the official bits. Let me help you on your way to wedded bliss and a lifetime of happiness.

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  • Phone: 082 805 5050
  • Phone #2: 012 3420006
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How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

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