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Fairest Cape Weddings

Getting married in Cape Town?


Have to choose a marriage officer you do not know? Meet with me without any obligation and then decide.

Fairest Cape Weddings offer the services of a mature, friendly and experienced marriage officer, duly appointed by Department Home Affairs, who is able to advise and assist you and also solemnize your marriage. We have had the privilege to marry couples from Sweden, UK, Holland, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and numerous South Africans.

Meet with me before the wedding and talk about what you as a couple would like on your wedding day. Your wedding ceremony will be tailored and adapted to accommodate your wishes and ideas, whether something short and sweet in the comfort of your home or a ceremony that is longer.

Some aspects of our services are:

- A non-denominational ceremony but we are also acquainted and comfortable with all aspects of a religious solemnization.
- Meeting with you as a bridal couple to discuss and plan the order of events, duration and content of the wedding ceremony.
-Advice in respect of legal procedures, ie. Ante-Nuptial Contract, and guidance to non SA Nationals re registration of the marriage in your home country.
- Assistance in obtaining an Unabridged Marriage Certificate from the Department of Home Affairs.
- Assistance in obtaining Apostille Authentication in terms of the 1961 Hague Convention - this authentication applies to the Unabridged Marriage Certificate.
- Prompt and efficient reply by email to any questions or queries you may have.
- Seamless co-operation with and assistance to your Wedding Co-ordinator should you have appointed one.
- - We endeavor to make the solemnization of your marriage a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
- A Marriage Certificate is issued free of charge upon signing of the Marriage Register.
- Personal submission and registration of your marriage documentation with the Department of Home Affairs

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