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Opulence represents a totally new and unique concept in floral displays using living, flowering orchids. The orchid is the ultimate luxury flower, symbolic of opulence, serenity, beauty and exoticism.
We at Opulence are truly passionate about our fabulous orchids and gorgeous flowers and would love to share our passion with you.

Our Service Commitment

We offer the very best quality flowering orchid plants in the form of single plants or arrangements. Our service includes the provision of pots and accessories required for your arrangements and the delivery and collection of the orchid plants, to and from your wedding venue by our professional team.
We wish to bring to your wedding the luxuriance and natural beauty of orchids, to create a vision of opulence and uniqueness. This is done by providing you with the most splendid orchids with an abundance of blossoms for your special day.

A Greener Environment

We specialise in promoting sustainable flowering arrangements by offering you the opportunity to make an environmentally conscious choice and an ecological difference, by the rental/hiring of our orchids and thereby minimising the use of cut flowers, while at the same time beautifying your wedding day.

Type & Colour Choices

We specialise in the Phalaenopsis orchid, our stock orchid, which is available in white and variations of white with shades of pink and the plain cerise and deep red variety during availability.
In certain seasons, we offer alternative orchid species, being Cymbidiums or Vanda orchids which are available in a multitude of unusual colours on request.

In the months of spring, we supply Zantedeschias, coloured lilies, as fresh arrangements.

Your Living Bouquet Specialist
Suppliers of luxury orchid arrangements - real orchid rental & contract specialist.
Your personal orchid greenhouse - total plant maintenance

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