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Fleur With Grace

Fleur with Grace


Fleur with Grace is a passionate mother-daughter team specializing in Floral design, event stationery and concept styling. We provide beautiful and breath-taking floral experiences for weddings, events and retail spaces.
Our aim is to cater to each customer’s needs and vision. We strive for excellence and will make flower arrangements specific to each project’s requirements, fashioning something unique and authentic ‘Fleur’ is ‘flower’ in French, and ‘with grace’ comes from being able to share our heart and to serve creatively with the grace that was given to us.
When we started the business we wanted to create a space where clients can always feel loved, accepted & inspired by God’s beautiful creation. We know that we area only the vessels and that we are always seeking God’s heart for what He wants to do through us.
As a new company, we wanted to establish a business identity that goes beyond what we do. In the events that we plan or the bouquets of flowers that we arrange, our aim is to create moments that are beautiful and that call for joyful celebration, no matter the season. We are a mother-daughter duo, and we love to create, inspire and leave a bit of sunshine and hope wherever we go. We believe that flowers have the ability to create a sense of indescribable wonder and awe in people’s hearts. In the same way, we aspire to leave seeds of wonder and awe wherever we go and in whatever we create. The image of the carefree lily in Matthew 6: 28-30 remains a favourite: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” This scripture is an encouraging and wonderful reminder that God takes care of us and provides for all we need in beautiful and good ways.

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