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Unity Sand Kits

Unity Sand Kits

The unity sand ceremony is growing in popularity. The symbolism of the sand ceremony is something very special. The pouring of two different coloured sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom's lives together. By using two or more colours of sand; the pouring of the different coloured sand becomes impressive when you use the same colour scheme as your wedding. You can even coordinate the unity sand colours with your home décor. Remember to choose the right unity sand colour and vase as this will not only be important on the day of your wedding but also as a long term reminder as it stands in your home.

The sand ceremony requires three sand vases, two are filled with sand and the third, and slightly larger is used to combine these two. The unity sand ceremony provides a way for couples during their wedding ceremony to brilliantly show the joining of the flow of their two lives into a single stream with their individually coloured sands joining as one in the Unity Vase. Plus, because it can be displayed as décor for all to see for years to come, the symbol of the couple’s love is always present, always a reminder, and always a touchstone of truth. As such, the Unity Sand Ceremony and the unity vase can be treasured forever.

Coloured Sand is an beautiful component of your unity sand ceremony. Simple yet sophisticated. You will be be able to fashion an artistic masterpiece full of meaning for yourself and your spouse.
The coloured unity Sand symbolizes the beauty of creation, the bond of love between bride and groom, the sacredness of the wedding day. When you pour the sand into your unity sand ceremony vase, you will be announcing your life-long commitment to marriage and family. The sand is an exquisite visual representation of the union you’ve formed when two hearts have blended into one.

The day you’ve dreamed of for so long is almost here. You want everything to be perfect and you’ve done almost everything you can to make sure it’s your fairy tale wedding.
But, have you written your Unity Sand Ceremony vows yet?
That’s right – your Sand Ceremony Vows are not the same as your wedding vows. That’s because each set of vows serve very different, but complimentary purposes.

With your Unity Sand Ceremony Vows, you are both celebrating your beautiful union. In marriage the two of you become one, so your Unity Sand Ceremony vows serve as a potent symbol of how your lives are forever joined together. By speaking the vows together, you are poetically affirming your new unified relationship as a couple.
When you combine your wedding vows with your Unity Sand Ceremony vows, you strengthen the power of your commitment and the life you will live together as one starting on your wedding day.

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