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Beautiful decor for beautiful weddings


Goeters specialises in the up most imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events.

We strive to make the impossible possible and our aim is to make each and every event or wedding unique and different.
Our main focus is to make anything possible, the unthinkable and the thinkable. We have a broad portfolio of furniture to hire for your event, ranging from tables, chairs, lounges and more. We are always on the look-out for the items no one else but Goeters have and therefore we will always be able to give you that something different with our range of furniture.

We also do structures for outside weddings as street gazebos, gabanas and more. Our company also stock dancefloors and can do these in any colour and pattern you choose.

Goeters strive to meet all our clients needs and if you are looking for anything spectacular we are the company to contact. Have a look at what we do and send us an email if you would like to have more information on what we have to offer.

Baiegoeters recently started with the Goeters smalls catalogue and had a shoot with some of their stunning cutlery in the all new Neo venue in Wellington. Baiegoeters now not only specialize in furniture, lights and installations, but also table décor, cutlery, crockery and basically all kinds of smaller décor items. The shoot was done by the new photographer on the block, Eh_fotografi, Elizabeth Hughes.

If you are looking for any beautiful table décor, crockery or cutlery you are welcome to contact Baiegoeters at, or

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