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Mmm Moments

A mobile food and beverage parlour service


Mmm Moments is an ice-cream, waffle and milkshake and frozen yoghurt parlour service that offers delicious and unique ice-cream treats for parties, events and corporate functions. Our core service offering consists of a mobile stand (a parlour) stocked with a variety of ice-cream/ frozen yoghurts and sorbets. Uniquely, customers are able to create an ice-cream, waffle or milkshake suited to their particular preferences, as they can select any type of flavour, toppings and sauces they want.

We have over 25 different ice-cream options and over 40 different toppings options.

We bring lots of interesting sauces such as milky bar sauce, peppermint crisp sauce, fudge sauce, salted Caramel many others. Before the event, the client selects what flavours of ice-creams, toppings and sauces they want in the stand. During the event people can mix and match and create their own ice-cream, waffle or milkshake.

What makes the product delicious is the combination of ice-cream, toppings and sauces the person selects to make their own ice-cream.

How it Works:

(1) Choose your base flavours

Before the event, customers can choose the base ice-cream, soft serve, sorbets and frozen yoghurt flavours you want us to make for you.

(2) Select your toppings

We will send you a spreadsheet relating to the numerous toppings that we offer, and which can be stocked in the stand before the event. You can choose up to six toppings for the stand.

(3) Choose cones and cups, wafer baskets and/or waffles/milkshakes (optional extra)

Our customers can savour our out-of-this world ice-cream in sugar cones, sugar cone cups, plain cones (Waffles and milkshakes quoted separately). You just need to decide which cones or cups you want and how many you need.

(4) We bring the ice- cream to you

On the day of the event, we will provide:
· An ice-cream/waffle or milkshake stand
· Ice-cream servers or more (server, manager and possibly runner)

Your choice of ice-cream and the ingredients you have chosen beforehand.

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