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The Bean Writer

The Bean Writer

The Bean writer machine utilises a system similar to 3D technology in order to create images on the foam of your coffee.

The printer links to an app that can provide the platform to create/edit any images or print any of your own photos from your camera photo stream or take an image from our content library on the printer and transfer it onto the foam of your coffee.

The process only takes a few seconds from choosing a photo/image/quote/logo to printing it onto the foam.

We manufacture both the printer and the food grade ink in-house in South Africa so can assure our local customers of excellent service and no delays when ordering any of our products.

We can't wait to share this experience with you and take you on a journey of discovering new ways to convey a message to a loved one or to just share your favourite photo or market your brand to your customers.

We have created an innovative interface or application that allows communication between the printer and an android device in order to create and develop an image to your requirements.

We provide an extensive library of images on the printer that you can choose from or you can upload an image from your cellular phone or take an image with your android device before printing. The process is very user friendly and we provide training upon delivery if needed.

The list of possibilities are endless and we provide you with the tools to make this happen.

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Q&A: The Bean Writer

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