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Angelica Vlok (Stols)

Angelica Vlok

Married on Mar 20, 2021 in Garden Route

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Magical Moments


Probably everything.
No seriously because of lock down we only hade about 50 people at our wedding. I will not change it for anything.
There are a lot of great moments that will happen during the day, of course. Weddings really do bring out the most amazing emotions.

One of my favourite moments was during the reception, just looking around and thinking that all these people are here because they love and support us, and just feeling really lucky that everything came together and everyone was here celebrating with us!”

Another favourite moment was seeing my dad see me for the first time.” This was a very popular answer, coming in just behind “Seeing my husband stand at the altar, waiting for me to walk down the aisle with my father.” In fact, that moment is one of the most strongly remembered of all, according to the responses I received. A part of this was walking down the aisle, feeling so much love from all our guests, and locking eyes with my soon to be husband”.

The Honeymoon


As I am a wild life persone.
My husband told me we will be driving for 10hours. So like any other girl, its messy bun with flip flops.

1 hour later we stoped at Buffelsdrift. OMG. What an amazing wild life resort.

The rest is kept secretly away in my mind as you can juste think what happened the next 7 days...

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I went for a natural look as my husband isn't a big fan of make up.

So more smokey eye pink lips with my all favorite rose gold pearl earrings, shoes and hair clips.

Dress was personally made by Robin Roberts in Cape Town.
What an awesome person to work with.

The photos shows it all.

The Venue

Grand Africa Lookout.
Plettenberg baai.

We stayed in there beautiful hotel the Grand African hotel.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Nothing much i call it all Natural.

Wedding Elements

We chose our veneu because of its natural beauty.
The veneu it self came as a suprise.
We also did add alot of roses and decorations that we hired from flowers for you...

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The main couler was navy Blue.
Amigos in George did all the tailoring.

Marriage Officer

This is my aunt that knows us personally that made it even more special

My Captured Moments

85 photography Rian what an awsome gentleman.

The Wedding Planner


Wedding Transport

Family helped with transportation

Food & Cake

The Venue it self

Wedding Stationery

Character in George

The Reception and Entertainment

No dance lessons was needed.
Dj Mike from plett was awsome.