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Enja Steenkamp

Married on Nov 28, 2020 in Northern Cape


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Magical Moments


Thinking back to our wedding day, gives me goosebumps, warms my heart and gives me pleasure, our wedding was truly the best day of our lives, more than what I expected and much better than I ever dreamt of. Being a bride during a world wide pandemic had its challenges, doubts and lots of tears! But because of an amazing support system and friends and family being there and carrying us through it all it was the most perfect day in time.

The day started with lots of excitement when we woke up in the middle of the Karoo with fresh air and the sunrise breaking the silence. Being able to get married were such a big privilege to me. Marring a farmer, our wedding where very tradition in sense of the dad of the bride paying for the wedding, thus revealing myself to my dad, just before the ceremony, were emotional in every way, it's a moment that I will forever carry in my heart.

The moments shared with my bridesmaids, soon-to-be mother in law and my mom brought such calmness over me, knowing I have so many powerful women amongst me and praying, being excited and emotional made the morning so special.

My dress was definitely one of my highlights! I never thought I can love something this much, but I honestly loved my dress, in every possible way. The shape, the fabric, the look and how it fitted! I often want to put it back on just because I am so inlove!

We got married on a farm and the ceremony were outside under a pine tree avenue, which every time I think back to that moment in time makes my heart melt. Walking down the aisle and seeing the tears running down Rouxs' face had me completely emotional, having friends and family together and experiencing this moment after numerous time of possible postponement on the table and knowing it is finally happening were overwhelming, surreal and a moment I will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Roux and I decided we wanted to do our own vows, this made the ceremony very personal and different. While we were reading our vows a very big tortoise walk slowly down the lane while there were no dry eye amongst us.

Because Roux is a sheep farmer he wanted to emphasize this into our wedding, so just after the ceremony we had the most enjoyable time of our lives in the sheep pens between sheep and dust and captured the most beautiful photos. Later the evening the sun greeted us with an outstanding sunset over the plains of the Karoo, and I remember in spite of the beauty I did not want the day to end.

Somewhere during the night I just stopped for a second and told myself to embrace what I am seeing, experiencing and feeling. Seeing my friends and family laughing together, having both my parents and Roux's parents at our wedding and being able to HAVE a wedding, made me feel so grateful and honored.

Our wedding day was by far the BEST DAY EVER!!!

The Honeymoon


Our Honeymoon meant to much to me, we spent 7 nights in the beautiful Zanzibar at the Uroa Bay Beach resort. Where we swam with dolphins, saw the amazing coral life of Mnemba and experience the tropical islands' turquoise water. This time together were so special, being alone, married and surrounded by locals teaching us to live a "Hakuna Matata life" - means no worries.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted our wedding to be very minimalistic but still elegant, keeping it beautiful with natural elements. I went for a very natural approach in my overall look. My wedding dress was the best part of my wedding, it was the first and the only dress I have ever fitted, but the moment I had it on I just looked at my mom and said "this is it"

My dress were hand made of Chantilly lace imported from France, designed by the amazing Jeannelle L'Amour. Because the whole dress were made out of lace I hade a long plain veil that completed my look. I am still to this day so completely inlove my my dress.

My makeup were done by the beautiful and very talented Martinque Visser, she impressed me since day one at my trail. I went to Cape Town and from the moment I sat in her chair until the day of my wedding she did exactly what I asked. I wanted a very natural look but still professionally done and she immediately understood and took my breath away with her amazing skills. She created soft natural curls that the wind constantly played with.

Because of my dress being full of beating I only wore plain pearl earrings.

My garter were designed by a friend who personally designed the garter according to my taste and with the lace I wanted. I took the pattern of my dress and incorporated in the garter.

Dress: Jeanelle l'Amour , Calegra Bridal House
Makeup and hair: Nique on Fleek
Shoes: Woolworths
Lingerie: Bra's N Things
Jewellery: Sterns

Calegra Bridal House

Calegra Bridal House

Calegra Bridal House sells wedding dresses designed by the most trendy and fashion forward designers South Africa has to offer.

The Venue

We got married in a small remote Karoo town situated in the Northen Cape called Loxton. This town carries some of the oldest history content from its beehive-shaped Corbelled Houses and notable people writing and creating Loxton into an authentic village. The undeniable beauty of the tree-lined streets and old churches created a beautiful landscape. We got married on Jakhalsdans, a farm just outside Loxton. Because of our wedding being so far and guest travelling all the way we made a weekend of it. Family and friends arrived the Friday, booked into different guest houses and received ouma rusks and coffee each morning till the Sunday. Jakhalsdans farm, with its beautiful pine tree avenue and its wildlife is truly a small paradise in the middle of the Karoo, owned by Linda and Nicolas van der Westhuizen.

Venue: Jakhalsdans Guest Farm, Loxton

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, especially to keep my look as natural and as close to my normal self as possible. I did however got a few chemical peels just to get rid of dead skin cells and received a manicure and pedicure once and again have some alone time. I also went walking to relieve some stress!

Chomical Peels: Glow Pretoria
Manicure & Pedicure: Sorbet

Wedding Elements

We rented our decor from To-Netts in Paarl, they were extremely good with their services and have it all! I would highly recommend them for any event! Because our wedding was on a farm I had to rent everything from a small fort to tables to lightning and they provided it all!

Our tables and chairs were light brown wood and we had swings hanging from the roof with naked bulbs underneath and fairly lights above the dance floor. We had big white umbrellas at the canapes with wooded benches with white cushions for the guests.

The flowers were one of the best parts of our wedding! Sophia, from Sophia's Roses who lives in Murraysburg started her own small rose garden in the Karoo. She then started a rose business and later on did so well she now has a rose farm and do very big events and weddings! Not only is she wonderful in every way she is extremely talented. She decorate the whole wedding out of white roses and greenery which she sourced from the Karoo.

Decor: To-Netts
Flowers: Sophia's Roses

My Groom And His Groomsmen

We bought Roux's entire suite, Polo shirt and tie from Amigos men fashion wear in George and we bought his shoes at Green Cross. The groomsmen all just had to wear black pants and a white Polo shirt, most of them already had these.

Grooms' suit: Amigos men Fashion George
Shoes: Green Cross

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids were wonderful, they treated me like a queen and spoiled me in every possible way with gift boxes, vouchers and flowers! They were so supportive, patient and easy going, I could honestly not have asked for better bridesmaids! They wore dresses from Bride&Co, with the color of their dress are called potpourri. Once again I wanted all natural colors, and because I had a more fitted dress I looked for something more "flowy" for them to balance the look.

They looked so beautiful and elegant and made me so proud! They helped me throughout the day till early hours on Sunday morning! I am so proud and grateful for my the amazing friends I have and the the best bridesmaids under the sun!

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bride&Co

My Captured Moments

Words can not explain the appreciation of my photographer. Not only did he captured our day with the best photos, he constantly checked in on me prior to the wedding with all the Covid stress, he listen to what I wanted and went completely out of his way on the day to capture our dream photos. Matthew Carr and his wife (Krystle) came all the way from Cape Town and were keen for anything anytime. Matthew were so understanding in terms of the pandemic and offered me an alternative date that he kept open for us. His talent, skills and the lighting opportunities he creates had me blown away.

All you have left after your wedding day is your photos, to re-live the memories, tell stories and show people and I could not have had a better photographer than Matt, as friendly and 'lekker' as he is he is extremely good in what he does and beyond professional.

Our wedding video were taken by Markus from Boland weddings, they had very special way of completing our wedding day into a video. I am so grateful for them as for I can watch our wedding day over and over again.

Photographer: Matthew Carr Photography
Videographer: Boland Wedding

Food & Cake

Because our wedding mostly consisted out of farmers we had a local 'tannie' from the town to make the food. She is one of the best and used some of the best Karoo Lamb for the main course of the wedding. She also made us a gin & coffee bar, as well as did all the canapes which consisted of all sorts of meant types, fruits, bread and cheeses. She also made our wedding Cake which were made out of vanilla and decorated with white roses, and for dessert we had my dad's request for 'koeksusters' and malva pudding

Food, Canapes & Cake: Lize-Marie Malan

Wedding Stationery

Our stationary was designed and made by the lovely Monja from Deerly Studio, She created a website for us to send out to our guest as invitations which had accommodation recommendations, directions, invitation, contact details etc. She also gave us a design we pull through the whole wedding from welcome board, to program, menu, directions and table seating. I have a lot of appreciation for Monja as for I constantly changed my mind and she kept patient and professional and created my vision on paper.

Stationary: Monja from Deerly Studio

The Reception and Entertainment

Our reception were lovely, when I walked in it felt like the inside of a fairy tale. You could feel the love, passion and happiness underneath the fairly lights. It had such a warm welcoming feeling with all the naked bulbs and greenery hanging from the roof and the candles on the table created a pure romantic set.

Our DJ was a legend, he had to create music for us where it seemed impossible, from the outside ceremony between the wildlife to the canapes and reception he delivered a great job. He played the right music at the right times and read the crowd which made the party very enjoyable and lively!

DJ: Lourens Slabbert

Wedding Services Used

Calegra Bridal House

Calegra Bridal House

Calegra Bridal House sells wedding dresses designed by the most trendy and fashion forward designers South Africa has to offer.