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Reevana Thomas

Married on Apr 27, 2019 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Every moment was a highlight!

The hiccups made for unforgettable stories.

No one will forget the Groom’s epic dance moves that bust his pants all the way down the back, managed swiftly by the bride who carried a spare pants for him in the boot of the wedding car.

The Honeymoon


We spent a few nights at the spectacular Pearls of Umhlanga immediately after the wedding but we are still planning a magical honeymoon for possibly next year

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted a soft, naturally elegant yet timeless look ☺️Everything came together so well on the wedding day without needing a do over or adjustments. Getting ready was a breeze because of the calm people around me and the lovely setting in the hotel room at The Pearls of Umhlanga.

My make-up artist was the amazing Jenna Fryer. She can definitely breathe life into your vision.
My hair was styled by Bashnee, as a gift.
Bashnee, owner of Bash Hair and my good friend, has been styling my hair for the last eight years.

I was introduced to a warm and bubbly nail technician by Bashnie. Considering the day before the wedding was the first time I had done nails with Sam, she did so well mixing colours to get my nails in a shade of natural peach that matched the satin on my shoes. I wore a jeweled strappy stiletto with peach satin fabric on the straps.

My earrings and hair jewel were the only accessories I wore. I purchased them from a small accessory store.

The Venue

We had our Nuptial Wedding Mass at The Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Umhlanga and our reception was at Cafe La Plage in the Pearls of Umhlanga.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I took good care of my skin, and followed my usual routine. I ate normally. After meeting suppliers and going through planning items, we would take a Sunday after church to relax with friends and have wine or cocktails - on these days we did not talk about the wedding at all.

I would like to say that I exercised a lot but that isn't true - there just wasn't any time between work and planning a wedding.

During the wedding week, we enjoyed spa treatments together, including facials, pedicures and massages. These were relaxing and made us feel pampered.

We had dinner together on the night before the wedding and then parted ways to turn in early in anticipation of our big day. We used the time alone to reflect on our learnings from Catholic Engaged Encounter, a retreat that became one of our best experiences as a couple. This experience stayed with us reminding us both of what is important during this process....A wedding is a day; A marriage is a lifetime!

Wedding Elements

The church florist was instrumental in making the church look captivating for my walk down the isle. I wanted simple greenery on the isle benches. She wrapped them with pieces of white tulle and created lovely white and green arrangements on the alter.

We had a talented musician at the church, Martin Sigamoney, who played the saxophone to guests arriving, and also played the organ and flute during the ceremony.

We purchased the leaves for the reception tables, kept them at home for a day and the groom took them to the venue the day before. The venue supplied all the elegant candles on the tables. My cousin, Cecilia, made the pearl wedding souvenirs that were placed on the napkins.

None of the elements were rented as the reception venue came with all the trimmings.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom wore an all black tuxedo, with patent shoes and a bow tie and belt to match. He looked as dashingly handsome as I expected but that captivating smile when he saw me walking down the isle.....☺️☺️☺️ that was a moment frozen in time, it felt like a magical experience....

The groomsmen were the groom's nephew, Yuvan and my brothers, Emilio and Fabian. The Groom did well finding their suits, getting a significant discount and having them tailored. They wore grey tuxedos with black shirts and black bow ties. The handsome guys kept their look sharp and matched well with the bridesmaid dresses but always seemed to be competing with them for best dressed LOL
Well, our photographer definitely enjoyed their energy.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My gorgeous bridesmaids were my cousins, Astrid and Nicole and the groom's niece, Kiara.
I chose elegant dresses they would love to wear and can have a party in. They were very gracious with the options I presented to them and selected their own hair, nails and make-up.

I was very happy with their finished looks on the day. Well done ladies!

Marriage Officer

Father Derrick Butt OMI

Our priest was not simply a marriage officer. He conducted a prep course with us to ensure that we were ready to be married. We gained invaluable insight from these sessions and Catholic Engaged Encounter.

My Captured Moments

Matthew Henning and his lovely wife Annie were our photographers. They work professionally and effortlessly, capturing moments and emotions throughout the day. They made us feel super comfortable and organised, without delaying any events.

The Wedding Planner

I did all the planning myself but had an exceptional partner getting excited with me for every choice .... The Groom!
He contributed to his wedding in a way that surprised suppliers, who say that they rarely see groom at these meetings.
It was incredible fun planning our special day. We were easy going and agreed on everything as choices or changes came up.

Thank you to all our talented and generous family and friends. You all helped me bring this day to life by offering your talents and assistance along the way. It was an unforgettable journey to the wedding day :)

Wedding Transport

Bride’s car, prepped and polished by the Groom himself.

Food & Cake

We chose a venue that had everything we wanted already in it, delicious menu, deli, bakery, bar, dj, sound equipment, lounges and an entrance with a view of the pier.

I had taken Dane to dinner on his birthday at this restaurant, a few months before he proposed. As soon as we started considering reception venues, we both agreed on Cafe la Plage with a smile, which was also 1 km away from the church. We selected menu and cake options together.

They did not disappoint. Guests were in awe of the venue, food, decor and spectacular cake.
Well done Cafe la Plage!

Wedding Stationery

Our close and talented friend, Shiveer Singh, created a beautiful online invitation for us as a gift. The link was sent to guests via text message which then allowed guests to rsvp from an online portal on the website. This website had details of the wedding venues and a small snipet of our love story. An email with our picture and a QR code was sent to guests once their rsvp was approved by the groom and I on a dashboard. The QR code was presented at the venue and when guests were scanned at the reception venue, an electronic version of the menu was emailed to them.

Together with my input, he also used the our logo to design our menus, emails and hymn booklets.
In his speech, he mentioned that we worked together on the website and that he had initially expected Bridezilla but described me as always calm, collected and graceful.
It was a huge compliment

The Reception and Entertainment

Our wedding singer was the talented Mr Eric Canham. Guests walked into the venue, listening to the smooth voice of Eric, singing Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble.

The Master of Ceremonies was the fabulous Mr Ruan Scheepers, a close friend and contestant from SA's The Longest Date. He worked really well with Eric to make the reception light, fun and enjoyable.

The venue DJ's, Lee Why and Carly O, got the party to take off till the early hours of the morning.