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Marizanne Murray

Married on Apr 6, 2019 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Everyone warns you that your wedding day goes by in 'n heartbeat and I promised myself that we would create little gaps in our day to sit back and take it all in. Throughout the entire day I was never nervous. I got up early to be able to have some quiet time and talk to God about this day and the rest of my life as wife to this man He has chosen for me. The whole morning passed by and I felt as though I were wrapped in a blanket and before I knew it my mother, my best friend I were in the car on our way to the Mother Church in Stellenbosch. I will never forget arriving to the thunderous chiming of the bells and entering the church to the sound of the organ. After a very special and memorable ceremony we were showered with petals and I remember those few seconds very vividly as the happiest steps I have ever taken as Mrs Murray for the first time. At the reception the most memorable moment definitely has to be our wedding dance, we did not fall and I think we got the choreography mostly right, but the most important thing of all is that we remembered to enjoy every stride and every turn. Apart from that, it has to be stated that my husband's speech to me and my mother left no dry eye in the house.

The Honeymoon


YES! We went to Bali, and our honeymoon was the first ever holiday we shared outside South Africa. I travel quite often for my work, but we have never had the opportunity to travel together and it was incredible. We savoured every moment, and we cannot wait to go again.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

From the get-go I knew that I wanted something simple, yet elegant and timeless. I wanted a very simple hairstyle, strong but minimal makeup, and a dress that would make a statement without being a "classic wedding gown". I would say the "theme" I had in mind was timeless elegance. I had grown my hair to almost shoulder-length, so that it could be done into a low-rolled updo with a few loose tendrils. I had no exact visual of what I wanted, and because I have worked with my makeup-and hair artist many times in my profession, I trusted her completely to take charge. The same goes for my makeup, I just wanted something fresh (but still "bridal-y") that would last the entire day, but that wasn't too heavy. I only knew that I did NOT want caked on makeup, for the rest of it I knew I was safe in Mary's hands.

My wedding dress - wow, where to even begin. I started by window shopping, I tried on a few dresses from various wedding boutiques but then I saw a picture on Pinterest of the gown I wanted and knew I just had to find the right designer. A very long and beautiful story followed that started with me walking into Galuzzi e Gini's atelier in Cape Town to talk about another project. They found out that I was engaged and offered to make me my wedding dress and the rest is history. They were the PERFECT choice. My dress was made to fit me like a glove and it was altered for the final time 5 days before the wedding it was absolutely form perfect. I still have my gown and I get emotional every time I look at it. I wore a pearl necklace and earrings which belonged to my mother and that she had redesigned and set for me. My shoes were a burgundy pair of Oleg Cassini's. I knew from the start that I wanted a burgundy/wine red shoe to go with my gown and I struggled until a week before the wedding to find the right pair. The colour scheme of the wedding was also modeled around this idea.

The Venue

The venue was the first thing we got exactly right. After a slew of emails, visits and back and forths with different venues, I walked into Stellenrust and met Ilse, who immediately sold me on the place. I was not one of those brides who had a whole scrapbook of images ready of my dress and colour schemes and flower arrangements when I got engaged, but what I did know from the start was that I wanted a reception on a wine estate in the Stellenbosch area. When I drove up the path through the vineyard that leads to the estate I already had a feeling this was it, but when I met Ilse and heard what she had to say, I was sold.
The venue does not offer accommodation but is surrounded by many guesthouses and is located just 5km outside Stellenbosch.



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Due to my job I am kind of required to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round so preparing for a wedding was no exception, but of course I did what I could and I upped my gym routine probaly from around 3 times a week to 5 times a week and I went for a few endermology sessions. I went to a spa only once, during the week that led up to the wedding, just to calm the nerves a bit.

Wedding Elements

Decor and flowers: Janine van Tonder at Prickly Pear Events

I met with Janine from Prickly Pear Events upon the recommendation of Ilse, the venue coordinator. We immediately clicked and she knew exactly what I wanted from what I explained and showed to her on my Pinterest boards. I wanted quality rather that quantity and the table flower arrangements were medium to small I'd say, but I insisted on using dahlias and imported roses. The colour scheme was blush with accents of olive green and burgundy. The furniture was supplied by the venue and I only had to hire the linen, flowers and decorations. In terms of decorations we had two large fairy light curtains and greenery and roses hanging from the chandeliers.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and his groomsman wore classic black suits which were hired. Their ties however were the Murray of Athol clan tartan and we imported them from London.

Marriage Officer

My father-in-law delivered the sermon at our ceremony, but Leopold van Huyssteen was our marriage officer.

My Captured Moments

Portrait photographer: Fanie Nel
Main photographer: Nadia Aucamp
Videographer: Suzanne Swart
Second shooter: Migneon Marais

We had the very special privilege of having our wedding portraits taken by my dear friend and agent, Fanie Nel, who is a renowned fashion photographer and model agent. My official wedding photographer was Nadia Aucamp, an amazing photographer from Stellenbosch who was recommended to me by a friend. She captured endless special moments and our guests continue to talk about the photos. Suzanne Swart was our videographer and I can truly recommend her services to any couple wanting the ability to time-travel back to their special day with the help of her incredible talent. She was assisted by her second-shooter, Migneon Marais. We did not make use of a photobooth.

The Wedding Planner

I did not have a wedding planner. All planning was done between myself, Janine (Prickly Pear Events) and Ilse (Stellenrust).



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.

Wedding Transport

We were whisked away from the church to the venue in a white 1947 Bentley Mark VI from SA Classics.

Food & Cake

Catering: Malita Joubert
Cake: Robyn at Chocswirl

Our food was prepared by Malita Joubert Catering and I can honestly say it was incredible. One of my main focus points for creating the perfect wedding reception was catering, and Malita's food did not disappoint. Her services was recommended to me by Ilse, my venue coordinator, and I could not have been more satisfied. Our cake was made by Robyn from Chocswirl, who is conveniently located within the offices of Prickly Pear Events. The cake was served as dessert and consisted of two parts, one part chocolate and one part carrot cake. I wish I could get married all over again just to have leftover cake again!

Chocswirl Cakes

Chocswirl Cakes

Hi! I'm Robyn Potter, the creator and owner of Chocswirl Cakes. I specialise in wedding and celebration cake design and it is my firm belief that cake needs to taste as good as...

Wedding Stationery

Luzanne at Twofold Wedding Stationery

The Reception and Entertainment

We opened the dance floor with a choreographed dance for which we took dancing lessons at DanceCraft. We made use of a DJ from Soundprint and he was extremely in tune with what the guests wanted to hear :)

Wedding Services Used

Chocswirl Cakes

Chocswirl Cakes

Hi! I'm Robyn Potter, the creator and owner of Chocswirl Cakes. I specialise in wedding and celebration cake design and it is my firm belief that cake needs to taste as good as...



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.