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Marijcke Klynsmith

Getting married on Dec 6, 2019 in Western Cape

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How did your love story begin?


I am an architect and therefore love attention to detail, I also believe that there is beauty in everything and everywhere you just have to look.  My fiancé is a chartered accountant who loves calculations, facts and figuring things out, he is the smartest & most beautiful person I know.

We met in university through mutual friends. I was very stubborn and wanted nothing to do with him or any guy. After weeks of persuit, my heart and my whole idea of love changed.  The way he loves is like nothing I have ever experienced, I know he is my forever person.  We have been through a lot together, but each day we get to spend with one another our respect for one another and our love grows. Not one day has gone by where he has not made me laugh. He is my greatest gift.

Tell us all about the proposal.


The second of April was our first day travelling in London before going to our actual destination, Jersey Channel Island. The morning started as per usual, a few coffee stops and a whole lot of walking!  We went to the beautiful Travalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and did some more coffee stops and some more walking.
I knew lunch was a surprise, but for us it's quite normal as both Ludwig and l like surprising one another with unique new places and restaurants.

We arrived at this beautiful boat called the Glass Room, the name speaks for itself!  It had everything I love, glass all around us, water all around us, views of stunning architecture and my favourite person. Little did I know my world would be turned upside down before the boat took off..

He asked be to marry him on the outside deck where we were alone. I could not ask for a better setting. Although in total shock, it was the best moment of my life.. The rest of the boat trip experience and 3-course meal was somewhat of a blurr as I was floating on cloud 9 - I do however remember the amazing French champagne.

If you know Ludwig the day obviously just started and we had a few more stops to make. We ended the evening walking to yet another surprise destination.  We arrived at a restaurant that was voted most romantic restaurant in the world and had the most unforgettable and amazing dinner date of my life.

My fiancé is everything and more that I prayed and asked for in a man.  I know I'm the luckiest girl in the word and I am forever grateful.

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