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Toni-Lee Basson

Married on Sep 29, 2018 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


My fiance was secretly inlove with me. In order for me to know him as a person he opted for a frienship instead. He became my best friend for nearly 8 years.
He had asked me out thrice. I declined the first two times out of fear that a romantic relationship might ruin our friendship.
The third time he told me that it is painful to be friends with the woman you love.
I realised that I don't want to spend my life without him.
After nearly 3 years of dating he proposed and I ofcourse said YES

Tell us all about the proposal.


Firstly, I had no idea.
Secondly, my parents and sister knew.

I was invited to a Sushi date. When we got close to the restaurant he said he was not feeling too well and needs some air.
We stopped at the beachfront to take a walk. I remember it was raining a bit.
We then walked to the end of a 'jetty' hanging over the water.

5 Minutes there he went on his one knee to propose. I was so shocked I bent down with him and asked him what he was doing haha.
So he is trying to propose and I'm in a sitting position in front of him :)
He then helped me up, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and guess what I said...YES!

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