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Kristi Lerm

Married on Feb 3, 2018 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


3 February 2018..... Our wedding day could not have been more perfect than what it was. Started as a rainy Friday evening, adding worries to Saturday which then turned out perfectly as a nice sunny day with evening rain.

Arriving at the venue, seeing my decor and flowers for the first time after my mock up, which just blew my mind.

While getting ready, I hear my to be husband has arrived, causing butterflies in my stomach. The excitement was getting more and more.

It was definitely a very emotional wedding as myself and my husband were the "babies" of the house.

After getting ready, it was so nice having a special moment with my bridesmaids walking me to the chapel, where my dad was waiting outside. I immediately burst into tears when I saw my dad where my one bridesmaid started saying :"Your makeup, your makeup" and I had to keep it together.

The moment I arrived at the chapel, everything just became more emotional. My bridesmaids entered the chapel, where the doors then closed, and my time to enter has arrived. When the doors opened, I could only see my man waiting for me with love and happy tears in his eyes.

Our moment had arrived. The most special moment we have both been waiting for.

After confetti toss and welcoming drinks and snacks, we were welcomed as Mr. & Mrs. Lerm. O how lovely it was and still is, to finally be able to say: "my husband".

The Honeymoon


Yes indeed, We went on a lovely 8 day trip to Mauritius.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding dress: Mermaid style dress with a low back and with lace, pearls and more beads as well as 3 strings of pearls hanging from my shoulders on my back.
Hair and makeup: I had lovely wave curls (I had to grow my hair) with the one side pinned up and my makeup was a bronze/brown combination.
Shoes: I had complete lace shoes which was in a pump type with ribbon which wrapped around my ankles. The shoes were flat.
Lingerie: I had lovely floral and white with lace lingerie
Jewellry & accessories: I wore rosegold earrings and bracelet with "diamonds".

The Venue

We got married in Tierpoort (PTA) at Imperfect Perfection. Can really say it is the best venue ever. My family stayed on the venue where the guests had different locations where they slept over.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I had one amazing spa treatment the Wednesday before my wedding with my mom and dad, where I had a full body massage as well as a pedicure.
I was very determined o look after my hair in order to grow it as I wanted my own natural curls and length. The month before the wedding I started to exfoliate my skin in order to make it nice and soft.
I trained every day until a month before the wedding where I decided to just relax.

Wedding Elements

My decor was blush pink, sage and rose gold with a touch of vintage and elegance. I had a nice deck outside the reception where we a long fairy light curtain, which looked amazing in the evening. My flowers included roses, eucalyptus, dessert roses, dusty moss, king proteas, baby's breath (Gyp) and plenty more soft elegant flowers.
My bouquet was one large king protea where my bridesmaids had a large bundle of gyp as bouquet.
We had plenty of candles which really sets a nice mood.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a nice blue/navy three piece suit with a long brown leather tie and brown shoes and belt.
The groomsmen wore navy chinos with white collar shirts and navy ties with white polka dots on and also brown shoes and brown belt.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I had 4 bridesmaids of which 2 wore darker sage and 2 lighter sage color dresses with beautiful flower crowns.

Marriage Officer

Ds. Phillip Friggens from Krugersdorp

My Captured Moments

Our photograhper wa sthe amazing Celeste Cilliers. She is just so great with what she does and makes it so comfortable while taking pictures. Would not have wanted a different photographer.

The Wedding Planner

I planned my whole wedding myself but on the day my venue wedding coordinators did everything for me

Wedding Transport

I did not have any transport at my wedding as my bridesmaids were very special and walked me to the chapel, all carrying a piece of my dress.

Food & Cake

The food was prepared by the venue. Which was totally amazing.
We decided not to have a wedding cake.

Wedding Stationery

My stationary was designed and printed by Monique Verwey from Design Love. Which happens to be my sister in law. But she does an amazing job and was happy with everything. She definitely went the extra mile.

Design Love

Design Love

We are a custom, stationery, branding and design studio.

The Reception and Entertainment

The party was so much fun. Just realized how important the MC as well as the DJ turns out to be at a wedding. We danced all night and the dance floor was never empty. It was just total fun.

My husband and I did not take any dance lessons, we just went the natural way.

Our sound and lighting were done by Nitelife productions.

Wedding Services Used

Design Love

Design Love

We are a custom, stationery, branding and design studio.