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Estelle Juanita Ramchuran

Married on Dec 8, 2018 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

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How did your love story begin?


It all began back at high school in 2006. I did not like my "soon to be husband" because he was the class clown! (and because most of my friends were in love with him). Our teacher was forced to change his place in class because he was such a mischief maker, of all the seats, she put him next to me and told me that I should not hesitate to give him a smack if he misbehaves.
Within a week (maybe even less), I was his girlfriend!!! The 8th of August 2006, the day that changed my life forever.
We've been together for 12 years, and last year on the 1st of November 2017 asked me to marry him!
There's a lot of significance in the date 01- symbolises us becoming one. 11- the number of years we had been dating at that time. 17 the number of diamonds on the beautiful ring he designed for me!

I guess you could say we are your typical high school sweethearts. Its been such an amazing adventure and we are looking forward to our wedding on the 8th of December 2018.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Jayd knew that this was going to be tough because I would have figured it out if he followed the norm and did what had already been done. We had never gone ring shopping or even discussed getting married soon but clearly he had other plans for us.

We were on our usual midweek "date day", breakfast, a bit of shopping, the beach and lunch. However a few days before he mentioned that he had a meeting with a partner from his previous job between 10 and 11 on the day and that I could go shopping during this time after which we would go to the beach. (Guys I even picked out his clothes for this casual meeting!)

So we go to breakfast then he heads off to his "meeting". (I now know that during this time he went to meet the planner for a final run through). When this is done we both head off to the beach, I as usual have my many bags, which he did complain about and now I know why. As we were walking along the promenade looking for a nice spot for us on the sand, a young lady approaches us with a clipboard in hand. She tells us she's a masters student and is doing a survey on behaviour patterns between couples and since we are holding hands she assumes we are a couple and would like us to take her survey. Jayd trying to prevent any suspicion answers like he usually would under these circumstances, "hi, sorry we are in a rush." I on the other hand, being a post grad student myself, was more than willing to assist with her study and early said yes. then I looked over at Jayd and said, "lets help her with this JD, I know the struggle off student life." He agrees and we head down to the sand where she starts explaining the survey.

She had 10 bottles with questions inside, 5 for him and 5 for me. Mind you, she even explained why she needs to make this survey fun with props etc cause this will invoke various emotions between couples. (Apparently the security guard was not allowing her to lay the bottles on the sand because it was glass and she was having a panic attack cause she was unsure if she was going to be able to follow through with what Jayd asked of her.) It was such a crazy day for everyone apart from me. I was so relaxed LOL!
I, being the competitive one only worried about winning and ensured I paid attention and answered the questions to the best of my ability. I even moved away from him and blocked my answers so he wouldn't copy me as I wrote them down! LOL! Jayd on the other hand was so stressed that he gave the first answer that came to mind, they ended up being really funny though. (Guys, she even had a GoPro which she was filming us with, I didn't even think for a second that he was going to propose and she had an assistant taking pictures, which she promised would not be posted on an social media and it was for her to study body language between the couples. What made this survey even more legit was the names of others couples that had already done the survey from the morning.) I still can't believe how gullible I was.

And I am sure you figured it out by now, bottle 5 had the question "Will you marry me?"
You won't believe it, I was actually about to write Yes when I looked over and saw Jayd on his knee! I was in shock, I did this little movement where I hurried away from him cause I got such a fright and was not expecting this!
I nodded, said yes and started the ugly cry when I realised that I am on camera and this will stay with me forever so I stopped the ugly cry LOL!

It was the most amazing day ever! We had a little moment talking about what had just happened while sipping on champagne and hiding from the security guard. He was a little lenient after he found out that Jayd proposed. We then had a photoshoot done and went to my favourite restaurant for lunch as we initially planned.

01/11/17 was the most amazing day ever! Theres significance in the date as well; 01- symbolises us becoming one, 11- number of years we had been together for at the time, 17- the number of diamonds on my stunning ring that he designed for me. We hadn't ever discussed rings yet he knew exactly what I'd like, he created this dainty ring that suits my personality perfectly.

As for the proposal planner, she told me that Jayd refused to listen to any of her ideas and he kept saying no its been done no she will figure it out. He insisted she does what he has planned. I laughed so much when I heard about this!

Now him and I are looking forward to the next chapter of this amazing journal we have shared over the past 12 years!

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