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Kate Pienaar

Married on Sep 2, 2017 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


I had known Ryan for over a year and he had always made eyes at me and tried to take me out. I refused as I thought he was a bit of a ladiesman!

But one fateful evening, I decided to give the poor man a chance. Well let's just say that it was the BEST descision of my life and we were totally inseparable ever since!

Tell us all about the proposal.


I was taken on an incredible adventure up the Garden Route. It started in Knysna and ended up in the Baviaans where Ryan proposed to me in a cave under the stars. A year later we re-lived this trip with all of our dearest friends and family and got married on the same date that he proposed, in the cave!

Magical Moments


Seeing how both families worked so well together in setting up the reception area at the lodge as well as the ceremonial venue in the cave. It really brought us all together. The biggest highlight of all, being the moment we laid eyes upon one another in the cave!

The Honeymoon


We went on a mini-moon to Plettenberg Bay where we celebrated my husbands birthday with a fishing trip!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wedding look was country and elegant
Hair was earthchild and playful
Makeup was natural
Wedding dress was sexy but elegant
Shoes were Sex and the City
Lingerie was lacy and petite
Jewellery was minimal and elegant

The Venue

We got married in Baviaanskloof, at a secret location. Our guests stayed 3 nights!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Tan can (lots of this), no excerise whatsoever, pizza nights, late nights working on wedding plans and a very rushed massage in Plett before my bachelorette party began!



Bacherlorette parties, Gauteng

Wedding Elements

Rustic and effortless with a touch of elegance and whimsy.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Grey pants, crisp white shirts with personalized cuff links and funky socks per groomsmen. Each had bootstraps, brown shoes and a limited addition pair of bamboo sunglasses. These items were all hand picked by my husband.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Different shades of grey infinity dresses with flats, playful pashminas and up-style hair with a flower crown to top off their look! I chose it.

Marriage Officer

Our best man.

My Captured Moments

One of our best friends captured our special moments, along with everybody else's cellphones (luckily we were out of signal range so cellphones became cameras for the weekend!).

The Wedding Planner

Yes, my husband, along with all of our family and friends, who pulled together and worked as a team to ensure our fairytale bush wedding came to life!

Wedding Transport

It started at 5am outside our home in Cape Town. My husband rented a bus which his best man (who married us) drove following the " To-Be's " all the way to Plettenberg Bay Beacon Isle Hotel for the Bachelorette. The boys then left for Formosa Bay Resort to get the Bachelor party rolling!

The following morning, after pulling ourselves back together, we all met for a hangover brekkie at the Beacon Isle! Many stories were shared and laughs had!

We then went on our merry way on a very bumpy dust road into the Baviaans...We had to of course make a stop at Angie's G-spot for a quick (donationary) toot!

We finally arrived at our secret wedding location in Baviaanskloof where the real adventure began!

Food & Cake

A new chef, by the name of Spike, who made the most mouth watering farm style food for us the entire weekend!

A lady in Port Elizabeth made our beautiful wedding cake and my future mother in law (Cherril) transported all 3 tiers to the Baviaans! Despite all of the windy and bumpy dust roads, the cake survived only to be enjoyed by all! Cherril also did all of our flower arrangements in her garage and took them on our 4 day adventure - we are so incredibly thankful!

Wedding Stationery

I designed all of our wedding stationary as well as printing it.

The Reception and Entertainment

The first dance was the first dance - we winged it with a few bruised toes and a lot of laughs to tell the tale!

One of our best mates, Glynn, handled all of our sound, lighting and was the DJ for the evening. He did a fantastic job!

Wedding Services Used



Bacherlorette parties, Gauteng

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Infinity Dress Boutique

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