Married on Sep 30, 2017 in Western Cape

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Magical Moments


Where does one begin to choose the most special moments...

Every word, every detail. It is engraved in our memories!

The absolute exhilaration and excitement, the purest joy, that moment my Dad and I started walking through the forest aisle and seeing Russel waiting for me at the altar.

It was the single most amazing moment I have ever experienced in my entire life!

Que the waterworks...

The Honeymoon


I knew absolutely NOTHING about the honeymoon!
How can a girl pack for the unknown??
I only found out where we were off to next right at the boarding gate of each destination.
Russel arranged every last detail to perfection.
We started from Cape Town International, via Dubai to Barcelona!
Spent 3 amazing nights in that incredible city.
Then off to Rome for another 3 nights. It stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on the most amazing city I have ever seen!
I will go back just for the food and wine!!! That in itself was an experience.
So I was told the first part of the trip would be mild, might be cool. So pack light warm clothing.
The second part I would need as little as possible. Bikinis and a few dresses basically.
Thankfully I am a girl and I always overpack!
So our next and final destination, for 8 nights, Maldives!!!
How else to describe it as Paradise.
We stayed at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, whose staff spoiled us absolutely rotten!!
I already miss the warm breeze, the soft, white sand and our villa over the crystal clear azure blue water...
That was the most beautiful place I have ever had the privilege to see!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I love everything natural. But with an edge...
So that's what it was.
Natural edgy elegance.
Erin's Wedding Lab created my dress, which was SUPER comfortable on top of everything else!
The luxurious fabrics made me feel like a queen and it was just a dreamy dress!
Hair was done by one of my best friends, who also happened to be my bridesmaid, Sherri Cross.
She's my hair guru and saved my tresses from disaster a few years before!
We chose an up style, but nothing too fussy.
Caren Fourie did a stellar job on my make-up! Through the whole day and night and with all the tears, it stayed in tact!
I couldn't have asked for anything better!
I wanted to keep with the simple elegance, so the only jewellery I wore was the vintage style earrings from The Vintage Collection.
That rounded it off nicely!

Caren Fourie

Caren Fourie

Marriage holds great value. I am very passionate about it. Always remember whatever you pour your energy, time and money into will draw your heart. Write letters, buy gifts, go...

The Venue

So the love for natural continues...
We fell in love with this venue from the moment we got there!
Winery Road Forest is a special place, where fairytales and fantasies come to life!
I wanted to keep our venue and suppliers as close to home as possible, so almost everything and everyone is in and around Somerset West.
That made a big difference in the planning and on the day!
We had the ceremony in the forest itself, where you literally feel like you're stepping into another world when walking through that famous door!
Our reception was in the barn, rustic and elegant!
The whole place made for the most spectacular event!!

Winery Road Forest

Winery Road Forest

Our breath-taking forest offers various options for a customised wedding ceremony under a natural pine canopy

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I had the privilege of Sarah Stringer's hands and expertise!
She made sure my skin was in the best condition it has ever been.
I started Bodytec for other reasons, but it did make an amazing difference in the way my dress fit my body!
Had a few massages and Physio treatments before the Big Day, to release some of the inevitable stress that comes with weddings...
Sherri made sure my hair was in tip-top condition, with regular treatments and looooots of pampering!

Wedding Elements

Again natural...
The vision of the forest had to be everywhere.
Didn't want any floral in the decor, just foliage, lights, candles and glass.
We had beautiful lounge pockets on the lawn during cocktail hour.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My groom got his suit from an amazing shop in Stellenbosch Square, Thomas Marche.
The owner, Thomas, is extremely helpful and would do anything to make sure his clients get what they want!
He chose his own suit and accessories and Thomas tailored it perfectly.
I wanted him to have what HE wants, color, cut, the lot!
He's got impeccable taste, so the first time I've ever seen him in a suit was on our Wedding Day!
He made the perfect choices!
His groomsmen and our boys hired their suits from Smart Men Suit Hire in Gants, Somerset West.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

For our engagement shoot, I got the most decadent burgundy lace dress from Infinity Dresses South Africa.
The ladies there go above and beyond to make sue their clients get the best service and product!
So, of course, I had to get them all an infinity dress. My MOH, bridesmaid and our three girls.
Each one different, but they made for one gorgeous vision!

Who was your marriage officer?

Tertius Spies was just incredible!
He led the most beautiful ceremony with words floating on the wings of angels!
From what I can remember in the haze, it was so deeply touching, it seemed like we all had tears in our eyes.
I for one couldn't stop the tears from falling.
The deep love I felt in that forest from everyone there, especially my person standing there with me, just reduced me to the happiest tears I've ever had in my entire life!

My Captured Moments

Aglow Photography.
Need I say more?!
But I will!!!
Celeste is a rare find of a person.
She comes as she is and makes you feel like the best version of you!
She creates this safe little bubble to bring out your best features, which she captures perfectly!
She did way more than what was expected and contributed to our day flowing beautifully!
Forever grateful to you Celeste...

The Wedding Planner

Getting a coordinator was in our case a necessity!
Long story short, between my husband and I, we have five children.
So I summoned San-Marie from Creative Nook in Somerset West.
With her passion for weddings and all the pretty that goes with it, as well as her calmness floating around her, she managed to transform all my ideas into reality!
And on the day, oh my soul. She took control and made sure that we had the most care-free, fantastic time ever!
She definitely is a pro in her industry. I wouldn't even think twice if I had to do it all over again!!

Food & Cake

Our food was exceptional!
We are quite fussy when it comes to great food, so we had a very tall order!
Avec Mari Catering & Consulting made sure that every plate leaving that kitchen was perfect!
And the canapés! Oh my goodness... Divine! It was culinary heaven!!
Our dessert table was filled with delectable delicacies from Delicately Different in Stellenbosch.
Creative Nook (San-Marie) styled the table in the most beautiful way.

Karen from The Mixing Bowl Cake Company did our wedding cake.
Very simple and small, but we knew the secret...
The Veuve Clicquot vanilla sponge was the most amazing combination!!
She also styled it to my whims, simple and elegant.

Wedding Stationery

I do love to create...
So I got our Save The Date magnets on and the rest I created myself.
The sleeve for our official invitations was designed and laser cut by Legendary Laser Design.
Prompt and extremely efficient service! It came all the way from Kimberley within a few days of placing my order!
The supplies I used I bought at The Crafters Inn in Somerset West.
I LOVE that place! They have everything you might need and give advice freely and make awesome suggestions!

The Party and Entertainment

It was so amazing enjoying our first party with all our loved ones around us!
We were in a go-with-the-flow mood, so we just danced how we felt like.
We had Your DJ taking care of the music for the night.

Wedding Services Used

Winery Road Forest

Winery Road Forest

Our breath-taking forest offers various options for a customised wedding ceremony under a natural pine canopy

Caren Fourie

Caren Fourie

Marriage holds great value. I am very passionate about it. Always remember whatever you pour your energy, time and money into will draw your heart. Write letters, buy gifts, go...