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Mariëtte Wright

Married on Jul 1, 2017 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


"But these stories don't mean anything when you've got no one to tell them to. It's true... I was made for you."

Damian & Mariëtte met in December 2014 in Cape Town. Initially it did not seem like they were going to hit it off, but Mariëtte was told that if Damian was interested in her, he would return the following night to visit her. The following day came and Damian did not show up - not until eight or nine that night. Damian and Mariëtte connected that night and spent most of the evening chasing a mouse out of the house ( yes, I know).

The next day Mariëtte had to go back to Pretoria and decided to greet Damian before she left for the airport. Damian hugged her and told her that if she was not going to return to Cape Town soon, he will come up to Pretoria to pay her a visit. Mariëtte left for the airport and Damian did not even ask for her number.

The following evening Damian sent Mariëtte a message after receiving her number from a friend and they started talking via sms. Damian could not eat nor sleep and finally figured out, that he might be in love. Damian really liked Mariëtte and decided to meet her mother, while her mother was in Cape Town, to ask her permission to fly Mariëtte down to spend some time with her. A few weeks later, Damian informed Mariëtte that he had bought her a ticket to Cape Town to get to know her better - he actually purchased that ticket two days after they have met.
Mariëtte flew down to Cape Town and Damian asked her to be his girlfriend - she said no - a few days later she gave him the answer he desired. Damian and Mariëtte started their long distance relationship, not knowing exactly how it was going to work.

They soon realised that if God has a plan, everything falls into place. They managed to maintain a healthy long distance relationship for over a year. During that year they received various blessings and signs from God regarding their relationship & decided that God should be the cornerstone of not only their relationship, but of their very existence.

A direct sign from God regarding their relationship was given to Mariëtte while she was baptised. You see, before Damian, Mariëtte considered herself to be a christian but did not really understand what it meant to have a relationship with God. Damian's godly example changed her entire life. On the day Mariëtte was baptised she wondered whether God would talk to her about her relationship with Damian.

Damian lived on a chicken farm with his parents back then (We have to mention this). Mariëtte stepped into the water to be baptised and met the Pastor for the first time. The Pastor had the following to say to her: "Mariëtte I don't know why, but I see the image of a chicken. You are like a chicken searching for food on the ground, but you must remember to look up because He will provide for you". Initially Mariëtte did not understand why the pastor had to compare her to a chicken, she understood poetry and metaphors alright! After this event Mariëtte realised why God showed her the image of a chicken - to let her know that she was in a relationship with the right person and he kindly reminded her that He will look after them and bless their relationship.

In March 2016, after God stepped into the situation, Damian moved to Pretoria to be with Mariëtte. He left everything behind in Cape Town: his family, his friends and his church - everything for love.

Damian and Mariëtte are truly blessed to have each other and love each other passionately and deeply. Damian is Mariëtte's rock and Mariëtte is Damian's best friend and biggest supporter.

"Love flashed like a fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it."

Tell us all about the proposal.


In October 2016, while they were spending a weekend in Cape Town, Damian proposed. He was quite nervous on that particular Sunday morning and asked his Pastor to pray for the proposal. Damian and Mariëtte went to their favourite beach, as they usually did after a Sunday morning church service when they were in Cape Town. They went for a walk on the beach while the ring was hidden in Damian's pocket. While they were standing and admiring the view (Table Mountain, Damian got down on one knee and asked Mariëtte to marry him. She said yes! A romantic picnic was set up on the beach and a few photos were taken to capture the emotion and moment forever. The proposal was intimate and special - exactly the way Mariëtte had imagined it.

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