Married on May 20, 2017 in Limpopo

The Hijaabi Bride ❤


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How did your love story begin?


Our love story is quite the cute one. It began 5 years back when he became close friends to my eldest brother. Coming from a traditional Muslim home, we are taught to be modest. So every time a male entered my home it was almost natural for me to not interact immediately. Years past by and his visiting became more frequent, so myself and my family were more comfortable with having him around. He visited every day and in those little broken conversations I got to instinctively understand the type of guy he was. One evening my aunt being her bubbly self, questioned him about his love life and he complained how our small town, Mokopane, had no woman for him to settle down with. Until she asked him about me. Immediately, the thought struck him and as he narrates "She was so busy being who she was, not realizing how I noticed her every way and slowly took a liking to her quirky, smart and cute self"
Once he eventually confessed, him being my brothers best friend it was quite awkward to find out but he pursued me into us getting to know one another. A few months later and I couldn't help but find his jolly, energetic and kind personality so charming.
And we fell in love.
Completely ❤

Tell us all about the proposal.


We didn't have the typical "down on one knee occasion". I am quite old fashioned so I decided to only take things further with the consent of my parents. It took a few meetings and family occasions for my parents to see our spark. Eventually my dad initiated it after taking notice to our behavior with one another. We introduced our intentions to both families and a few weeks later gathered a house full of family, good food, traditional parcels, sweet meats and we were "officially official"

Magical Moments


Our wedding was the most important day in both our lives. We believe strongly that marriage completes half of ones faith and when you realise that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible so we were almost impatient to become one. My most memorable moment was holding him for the first time as my husband. We had an ironically small big fat Indian wedding which were days of celebrations with family, dancing and lots of sleepless nights so many memories were made with those we love
My highlight and most memorable moment however was his reaction when he saw me enter the hall as his wife. Not a dry eye in the hall and all those hours of preparations was well worth it.

The Honeymoon


No, our wedding took place a few days before the Holy month of Ramadan so time was not in our favor but we hope to visit Thailand in the near future

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I am a simple Muslim girl and my religion plays a big role in my life, so dressing accordingly was not an option. The way I dressed for my wedding was not your typical attire. I am very passionate about my beliefs and stood firm in wanting to express myself with modesty. I am a "Hijaabi" (which translates from Arabic as someone who clothes and conceals). By doing this I wanted to portray that a bride could also look just as beautiful even though nothing but her face and hands are showing. I paid specific attention to the cleanliness of my all white bridal gown and wanted straight lines but something classy. I matched my head scarf material with the same one we used to make my fitted sleeves and paired it with a simple beaded veil and head piece which gave my entire look it's elegance. I styled and draped my head scarf on my own and had my makeup done also in all simplicity by my sister in law. We went for a light weight base, shades of peach. gold and blush eye shadows and a peach lip to match my bouquet

The Venue

Our wedding vows took place traditionally in a Masjid in our home town and the reception took place few hours later in a highschool hall. We had a guest list of 200 people who traveled from Johannesburg, Durban, Middleburg, Polokwane etc. Some made their stay in our local hotels while some traveled back home the same night

My Bridal Beauty Regime

About 2 weeks prior to the wedding I made sure all appointments such as waxing, facials, and my hair cut were made. At home I often made face packs consisting of lemon juice, honey, tumeric and gram flour which helps to brighten, cleanse, exfoliate and soften the skin. The same mixture can be used on your hands and feet for smoother skin. I believe that good skin care does a lot for you especially for make up to apply on your face for your special day. From experience I tell every bride to exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! I drank lots of water and made sure I got enough sleep and to calm my nerves I destressed in a tub filled with bath salts at home

Wedding Elements

Our reception was in a small school hall that was perfect to cater to the 200 guest list. I always had an obsession with rose gold so I couldn't help but make our wedding reception just that. We opted for flowers that has blush, and an orange-pink to add life to our tables. Using a pair of two different serviette colors to match in the same color range. We used rose gold tins to arrange the center-pieces, long rose gold vases filled with water and used as many candles as we could for a warm winter atmosphere. My tables were simple and clean and all the material that were used were in blush and cream.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband kept it classy by wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt, white pocketchief and a simple flower pin. His groomsmen were not tied down to any specific color theme but all dressed formal with their own style.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore dresses according to their own color and style

My Captured Moments

I came to know of my photographer through a family friend who had recently been for a photo shoot. I loved the authenticity and how she brought life to each picture. Owned by Stacey Laura Manuel, Wiz Photography captured my entire event and I loved working with them. Two down to earth woman, that were helpful and attentive. They were with me through the entire journey and made sure each moment I wanted to be captured, was.
Professional and affordable for good quality portraits.

The Wedding Planner

No. I planned my wedding entirely with the help of my parents and family. Working to my benefit, my maternal uncle owns a catering business, as well as another family friend who provided us with the perfect rose gold items that created a wonderful event.

Tell us about your wedding transport.

I drove in with a white Mercedes Benz and left with an Audi A7 2017 Quatro

Food & Cake

Our meals were prepared by a cook that traveled from Durban for our special day and our wedding cake was made by a family member who owns a bakery business. She created a 4 tier traditional fruit cake with colors perfect to my rose gold theme and decorated with flowers that we used for the center-pieces

Wedding Stationery

My wedding cards, menu, reserved and monogram cards were all designed by my eldest sister in law who is also a qualified graphic designer. And each were printed by a small business in my home town for affordable prices