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Nina Engelbrecht

Married on Dec 9, 2017 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Everybody always says how weddings can never work out perfectly but for us our wedding day felt Perfect! Every time I reminisce about our wedding day, I get a overwhelming feeling of being blessed. The amount of effort family, friends and service providers went through to make our day special, I can only be grateful for. Everything ran smoothly and seamlessly, which can definitely not be attributed to me having excellent organizational skills! I would rather attribute it to an amazing support system who went out of their way without being asked to jump in and help. So many helping hands contributed to this wedding and blessed our marriage.

The Honeymoon


Due to a lot of expenses through the course of 2017, Charl (the Groom) warned me that our honeymoon would be rustic and set expectations low. In contrast to this, our honeymoon was heavenly! We spent our honeymoon night at Cape Dutch Quarters in Tulbagh and then travelled to Storms River Mouth where we spent 3 days close to nature and breaking waves. We then traveled to Addo Elephant Park - Nyathi Camp and rested in luxury and nature for another 3 days. Sadly we had to leave Addo and then stayed at Oyster Bay Beach Lodge in the tiny romantic Oyster Bay. We were spoiled with a feast of food and enjoyed the beautiful expansive beach and small town stories. Sadly after a week we had to return home and start work again, but we developed a lot of respect for our lovely South Africa.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I always liked flowy, free and fairy-like styles. I think trying to explain my taste in words was the difficult part and I put a lot of trust in the service providers to develop my idea. All of them accepted the challenge and surprised me with more than I could ever imagine. Jacques LaGrange had a big impact on making my ideas and dreams a reality. He put in extra effort in preparation for the wedding to ensure that the complete picture is what I want and dreamed about. And it was even better. He created and molded my dress and Jacques and Annie beaded pieces of lace and stitched it onto my dress - it is an artwork. Jacques also provided advice and assistance on other wedding ideas and accessories. Deline Engelbrecht at Anuk did my make up and hair as well as the bridal party's hair and Ilse van Rensburg did the make up of the bridesmaids. Both of them had such a calm and relaxing affect on me on my wedding day. I asked for a little bit of gypsophila in my hair and natural colours for make up. After a trial, I realized I could relax and trust that the experts would do better than what I can expect. Shoes had to be ivory and was hard to find; Jacques found a way to adjust the colour of shoes that I bought. Jewelry had to be something delicate and I found something I liked at Swarovski which Charl gave to me as a gift.

Service provider contact list: -
Jacques LaGrange Couture (facebook page)

The Venue

We got married at Saronsberg's wedding venue. We booked the venue a year before we got married and bombarded Marica with emails from that day. She assisted us with our needs over the course of the year, replied efficiently and professionally and even acted as a coordinator on the day of the wedding. She did more than we asked for and ensured that everything was how we intended it to be.

There was accommodation available at Saronsberg where a few of the guests stayed but a lot of accommodation is available in Tulbagh and a close distance from Saronsberg.

Saronsberg would now always have a special place in our hearts and we will come back regularly to reminisce again.

Our ceremony took place at the Oude Kerk Volksmuseum in Tulbagh, a church built in 1743! Beulah and Kosie assisted us with the set up and arrangemements at the church. They were very accommodating and Kosie set up 80% of the church venue on his own. I am very grateful for their assistance and effort.

Contact list:
Oude Kerk Volksmuseum 023 230 1041

Saronsberg Cellar

Saronsberg Cellar

Our Wedding venue echoes our wine philosophy by embodying class, simplicity and grace.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I think having a good friend motivate you to do exercise was what help. My previous house mate, Marli Du Plessis, made me smoothies and exercised with me each morning. It really helped to have support.

Three weeks prior to the wedding I went for a consultation and advice to Dawid Kriel at Institute Esthetic on hair colour treatment and styling and also had my hair cut the week prior to the wedding. And Institute Aesthetic can always make you look and feel fabulous.

Contact list:
Institute Aesthetic - 021 851 4789

Wedding Elements

Paradiso Flowers did our flowers and decor. Marida is such a calm, creative and relaxing person. She hears ideas and then she takes it to a next level. She is also practical and can see exactly how you can make an idea work or not. I have great admiration for her creative style and work. I told her what I like and she made sure she got the best flowers. She was able to change a picture completely with subtle adjustments. True artist! I am very grateful for having her part of my wedding process. (Serviettes where from the table cloth hiring company; table cloths and candles were from Classy Hire; runners-fabric was bought at fabric centre and stitched by Lana Serdani; sitting pretty - charcoal placemats).

My grandmother also collected fairy lights from January 2017 for the lights on the table under the dome. She also nurtured gypsophilas to ensure that there are flowers in December.

N concepts did the lighting of the venue. They were professional and able to structure the ideas and requests we had in excellent practical manners. This effect added the perfect ambience to our reception.

My mother also implemented a lot. She framed pictures of the generations before us that was so special to have part of the wedding. She also made every guest a pottery bowl as a gift. She knows how important it is for me to give gifts, seeing as that is my love language. (Pottery from Cape pottery supplies; Stone lantern - pottery bottoms).

Johan De Ridder also did the bonsais for the tables. I am so grateful to be able to have the bonsais for my wedding. I realize how much time, love and care he put into each of the bonsais and it was very special that he was willing to give me 16 bonsais for the wedding.

My father made wooden boards for each bonsai. Like I mentioned previously, I am truly blessed with how family and friends contributed to my wedding.

Contact list:
Classy Hire -
N concepts -
Paradiso Flowers - 021 852 9882
Sitting pretty - 082 687 91363
Table Cloth Hiring company - 021 510 3000

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and the groomsmen opted for a classic look of black suits, white shirts and black bow ties. To ensure that the groom looked a little different, the groomsmen also wore suspenders.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Lana Serdani did embroidery of the night gowns and the hangers. I am blessed to have Lana as a friend and support. She assisted with a lot of extra needlework and stitching.

Marriage Officer

Our Marriage officer was Reverend Danie O'Kennedy of the Dutch Reformed Church, Helderberg. We both grew up in the church and the reverend and his wife are well known to both the groom's and my own family.

My Captured Moments

Lisa Rieken was our photographer. She was an assistant photographer at my sister's wedding and I have great respect for her work and her soft spoken manner. She doesn't force you into awkward poses and rather puts you at ease. Lisa captures beautiful moments and it also helps that she and her husband works together - they both deliver amazing quality.

Aletta Francina De Kock was our videographer. We initially didn't budget for a videographer, but it was something that a lot of people told me was quite valuable to reflect on. A friend at Charl's work told us about Aletta and I watched her previous work and really appreciated the combination of beautiful music and beautiful moments. My mother in law made this dream come true by paying for Aletta's services seeing as it wasn't included in our budget. There are definitely a lot of moments to reminisce about.

We made use of weddingwire's wedsocial app and could share photos of wedding preparations and the wedding from guests on this app. I added a few photos to our album that Truida Grové; Christof Krugmann and Serena Corio took on the day.

The Wedding Planner

No, we decided to save some costs where we could and decided not to make use of a planner. My mother filled this role excellently and we actually owe her a planner's salary!

Marica Louw at Saronsberg is the coordinator of Saronsberg's venue and I also noticed over the wedding weekend how much she actually stepped in and did to make things flow smoothly. Marica is so versatile and relaxed and was able to fill multiple roles over the wedding weekend.

Wedding Transport

My uncle, Org De Villiers, drove us in his beautiful Mercedes-Benz. This is actually Charl's favourite type of car, so we were both very happy and felt quite stylish!

I was spoiled with a joyride with beautiful music to the church - it was an amazing experience!!! After the ceremony Charl and I also drove with my uncle in style to the venue and enjoyed love songs all the way. It was so special!!

Sanet en Org De Villiers also prepared two Survival kits for us which we received in the car. These two kits were so valuable, we made good use of it from the wedding through the honeymoon as well.

Food & Cake

Muriel Visser from Marinda and Muriel Lategan Caterers. Everybody raved about the food!! Muriel promised us beforehand that the food would be good, but she delivered more than expected! The food was out-of-this-world great! We had difficult requests and Muriel delivered our requests in style! We had chopsticks placed with the name cards and pottery bowls which my mom made as gifts for the guests. We asked if Muriel could continue this theme with something Japanese as canapés in the bowls. I am in awe of her creativity and style and very tasty food.

We were also very fortunate to have Charl's brother De Villiers from Ambeans sponsor the coffee that was served with the desserts. Having freshly roasted coffee definitely makes a huge difference and is a wonderful way to end off a delicious meal!

My mother-in-law made the wedding cake. She worked hard to create the perfect cake according to my requests. And she delivered an amazing wedding cake. It was a beautifully decorated naked-carrot-cake and tasted amazing.

Contact list:
Muriel Visser of Marinda and Muriel Lategan Caterers -
De Villiers Engelbrecht of Ambeans -

Wedding Stationery

My sister, Celia Mostert, designed and printed the stationery all by herself. This is even more impressive if you take into account that she did this all in the midst of her year-end examinations for her accounting degree! Chasah was used to print stationery.

Stacey Jansen together with my sister designed the wedding logo. It was perfect.

We used weddingwire as our wedding website and was very happy with the website setup and used paperless post to send our invites and save the date messages.

Contact list:
Chasah design in Somerset West 021 852 5201

The Reception and Entertainment

We were not too confident about the dancing and the fact that we have to dance in front of all the guests watching us, so we decided to go for dance lessons. We did dance lessons at John Murray's dance studio with Vanessa who guided us. We didn't have a lot of time to prepare and were also very busy at both our works.Vanessa choreographed an easy dance for us. I would really like to pursue dancing again and learn all the techniques. We were warned that we needed dancing shoes but not following the advice made dancing slightly difficult on the day. We were joined quickly by family and friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it on the wedding day!

Our DJ was DJ Leon from BAHA entertainment, who had a great judgment for the mood of the guests and he alternated between genres of music effortlessly! This contributed to a very successful party! We received a lot of compliments for our DJ. DJ Leon had a meeting prior to our wedding where he discussed our taste and requests. He also bought some of his own lights and delivers a professional service. I am also so appreciative of him for his versatility and kindness. He also did more than what was expected.

Gin for Joey was the band at our pre drinks. Watch this space. These three girls delivered such an amazing show and set the tone of the party. I can't wait to relive the moment when I receive the video. Suzette, Stefanie and Emma De Villiers are a vibrant trio full of energy and their repertoire is versatile for diverse audience.

Helmut Meijer(piano and keyboard) and Anjulie Nock(cellist) played the music before, during and after the ceremony. They are artistic, highly talented, adaptable and professional. I am very lucky to have had this combination at my wedding. Anjulie and Helmut puts emotions into music.

My sister Celia Mostert sang Oceans at the ceremony and three cousins also sang at the ceremony. Mila and Jenna De Villiers and Izelle Engelbrecht sang the intro of Ode to Joy(Praat ek mense Engele tale); it is very special if you have music in your family. It was beautiful!

Contact list:
Baha entertainment -
Helmut Meijer -
Anjulie Nock -
Gin for Joey - Suzette De Villiers:
John Murray's dance -

Wedding Services Used

The Tablecloth Hiring Company

The Tablecloth Hiring Company

The Tablecloth Hiring Company is a National Company with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch and Pretoria, with agents in Port Elizabeth and the Natal Midlands.

Saronsberg Cellar

Saronsberg Cellar

Our Wedding venue echoes our wine philosophy by embodying class, simplicity and grace.

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