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Rudel Zinsser Beaufait

Rudel Zinsser Beaufait

Married on Sep 24, 2016 in Gauteng

2 weddings in one week!

I met my husband, Craig online and we clicked from the 1st day. He asked me to marry him in April 2016 and we wanted to have the weddings in March 2017. We realised this is way too long to be apart (Craig is American and work in the States) and we pushed the wedding date to September 2016, our ideal date being the 24th. My gran's birthday is on the 25th and the 24th just sounded perfect. We had 2 unofficial "weddings"; the church ceremony was held on the 24th September at the NG church Kroonrand in Johannesburg, and the reception was held at Reading Country Club in Alberton. Getting married to a foreigner is not as easy as it seemed so we enlisted the help of a marriage officer, Lynette van Vuuren. Lynette is based in Pretoria so we had to meet her at the Home Affairs in Pretoria to officiate our legal ceremony and register our marriage properly with Home Affairs. We joked about getting married more than once and Craig in all his wisdom said he'll marry me again and again, over and over to make sure we are truly married. Our civil ceremony finally took place on the 30th September 2016 at Lynette's chapel in Pretoria.


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