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Ramokone Mahlokoane

Married on Sep 10, 2016 in Gauteng

From the conclusion of our Lobola negotiations in 2015 Phatudi and I talked about how we wanted our wedding to be with every single person we love and care about would be there to celebrate with us. The 10th September 2016 was an amazing day! If we could bottle up all the love that filled our day, we would. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a church wedding, we then decided to have our wedding in a Chapel in Centurion. Phatudi and I decided we wanted to use Classic Cars for the church, the ride was as beautiful as the day. This day, was surely going to be a blessing as it was officiated by Bishop DJ Comfort of The Favours Cathedral Church. With the assistance and services of Mumu Events the Marque was beautifully decorated to simplicity with a touch of elegance, being the simple girl that I am I wanted flowers, candles and a touch of gold. The perfectly draped marque made the day even more perfect, as the dress I got custom made by Moss of Mx-Creations.

The combination of ululation coming from the gallery and the violin together with the church band made our wedding day Oh so memorable. It hit me while I stood at the alter saying my vows hand in hand with my "almost" Husband how incredibly blessed I am.

After waiting for seven years for this day we wanted a day that celebrated our love and also embraced our cultures. At the reception we changed from the traditional white gown to modern day sepedi attires. The inclusion of the brass band, was an idea which my late father always wanted to have at every occasion we shared with him this was a way to include him even in his absence.

If I was asked to do this I would do it over and over again....


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