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Odine Smith

Married on Sep 24, 2016 in Western Cape

Ever since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to get married on our farm, Oaksrest Vineyards. That place contains some of my most happiest memories of being a girl playing and riding on my horses day in and out and what a privilege it was to add the Happiest Day Of My Life- my wedding day to the heart of the memories. I knew that the weather in Ladismith is quite stable so the chance of having a rainy September day was very small in comparison to the surrounding area. We could basically do anything we wanted there in terms of decor and build. I wanted to have the ceremony in the views of the Towerkop Mountain, just because it is so beautiful and as the day goes by the light on the mountain changes from beautiful to spectacular almost every day. It's a sight you will never get tired of.

My Dress has quite a unique story to it. On our first meeting Anel Botha and I met at a small coffee shop in Stellenbosch to discuss the dress, I already had a good idea what I wanted. As we sat chatting away a ladybug came to sit on our table. I never really think much of ladybugs but that day Anel said to me "sometimes God sends us signs to show we are either on the right path or that if I ever doubted that Francois is my God intended husband." And from that very day at every single dress fitting, a ladybug would appear either in my car, the dressing room or closeby- never did I see one in between our fittings, only when it was time for Anel and I to meet. On my last fitting when the dress was complete just as we finished up, Anel went into the bathroom and screeched in excitement: "Odine, come look here!" I went and the entire room was filled with ladybugs without one single window having been open!

Maryke from Wedding & Event Collection in George has balled us with her professionalism and I don't know what we would have done without her! Throughout planning she always gave the best advise and really helped to straighten up any potential bumps before it even happened. Every single request and detail we wanted she made sure to have on our wedding day, and everything went so smooth it definitely would not have been the wedding it was without her. She works incredibly hard and has incredible knowledge about the industry. She has become dear to our families and we have hired her again for my sisters wedding next year.

Flowers and Decor

Nellafleur & Red Fox Design is the mean team behind the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. These two ladies are top standard creativity and talent tucked away in Ladismith. Our flowers were out of this world beautiful, the attention to detail is just amazing. They were also amazing support and amazing people to work with, I was stunned by their craft and professionalism. There was not one thing that I could think of that I was unhappy with, they exceed expectations!


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