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Natasha Makhoba

Married on Sep 3, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Like a page out of a fairy-tale, our storybook romance comes true...

Our Wedding day was magical! Every aspect went just how i had ever dreamed. With a beautiful garden setting, under the willow tree. It was the perfect day, with sun shining and birds chirping. The perfect day to have a wedding. With my bridesmaids in a beautiful shade of pink and our dashing groomsmen in smart suits. Everyone had there biggest smiles on. Lots of people had been waiting patiently for this day to come. especially the two of us. We have known each other for 13 years and had been dating for 7 years and today was the day that we finally made the decision of finally making the choice of eternity. We had been through a whole lot being a multiracial couple and today was our day to shine! and did we ever! I remember every minute like it were yesterday and would live any moment all over again...even the pressure building up to the wedding. Every choice we made, we did it together. The morning consisted of giggling girls and champagne and Mom taking as many pictures as she could. We all got ready and waited patiently for the time to come. When my younger brother came to fetch me i just burst into tears because first of all he looked so much like my dad and i really thought it was my dad but knew it couldn't have been because he had passed away three months prior. My brother told me that he had never seen me look so beautiful and that our dad would be so proud. That was all i needed and he made me strong. All the way up till i had to walk down the isle... then all the emotions came rushing back, shaking and crying and not breathing for a few seconds at a time. Music went quite (in my mind) guests started standing up and my Brother held me tighter and said "everything is okay" i looked up and saw my husband and everything went back to calm. I suddenly realized that everything was going to be Okay just like my brother had said and that, even though i missed my dad so so much at that time, that i was the luckiest girl alive to have my brother by my side, supporting me as i make the biggest decision of my life. As i walked down the isle i saw friends and family that were all there to watch our story unfold. The priest that we had was absolutely brilliant, he lightened the mood with all his jokes and funny comments. His beautiful words had made such an impact on everyone. Once we sealed the marriage with a prayer (and a kiss) i knew i would always have God, My Dad, My Brother and My Husband on my side for all eternity. The rest of the evening consisted of beautiful speeches and brilliant dance moves. A day i will never forget.


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