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Khumbelo Malele

Married on Sep 24, 2016 in Limpopo

We had a two day wedding, the first one was a white wedding followed by a traditional welcoming of the bride ceremony the next day. Wedding day 1: This day was more beautiful than i had imagined it would be. It was a bit cloudy in the morning and i was nervous that it would rain but it did not rain. It ended up being a perfect sunny day. We had a garden wedding at Royal Gardens, Nandoni Dam in Thohoyandou. The matrimonial service and the reception were set in different places within the same venue.

I wore a stunning ivory gown with an oyster coloured lace overlay and my husband wore a well fitted black and white tuxedo. We had six bridesmaids and groomsmen. The ladies wore yellow dresses with gold shoes and the guys wore grey suits with white shirts. They all looked really great.

A lot of our family and friends from near and far attended our wedding, it was a real pleasure to host them and to have them spend the day with us. There was a lot of ululating and cheers as the wedding party entered the venue. What took a lot of people by surprise was that i rode in on a horse carriage, that is not something very usual for a village girl like me.

The matrimonial ceremony started and didn't take long, soon after that the wedding party and the parents had a photo shoot while our guests enjoyed the starters and socializing. The reception started off well with the bridal party dancing as we made out way into the tent. My husband was not really looking forward to it because he has two left feet but he tried his best to show off his few dancing moves.

This day went by so quickly, i don't remember being hungry or thirsty. However i do remember the heartfelt speeches that people gave, the smiles on their faces, the beautifully decorated venue, the many gifts they gave us and most especially the atmosphere of love and joy that surrounded the place.

Wedding day 2 was just as beautiful as day one, the only difference was the weather. It was raining and a little cold but this did not stop us from enjoying it. There were a lot of people as more, more than we expected but that was not an issue because we both come from big families and their support was also very welcomed.

There were traditional dances that were done and a live band just like the previous day. The proceedings did not take long as well. But i have to say that my emotions were less contained than they were on the previous day. I guess it finally sunk in that i am married and will be leaving the place i called home for a new home altogether.


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