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Colleen Evert

Married on Sep 3, 2016 in Eastern Cape

WOW! What a day our wedding was. We woke up on our wedding day to rain, but not a drizzle or light rain. We woke up to a down pour! Bridal party, family even the groom was in a bit of a panic but I didn't care. I had done my part, I planned the WHOLE thing, I would be damned if I let a little (well massive) down pour got me down :) We decided, well I decided, that we didn't want a traditional wedding. So I arrange a First Look photoshoot with my photographer, my future husband and myself, of course. Everyone was against it, "you can't see the Bride before the wedding....blah blah blah" It wasn't going to stop us. Besides saying I do, the best part of my wedding was that photoshoot, the little bit of fear and anxiety I had about the day disappeared soon after. I felt ready to walk down the aisle, excited even. The best part?? It didn't take away from the magic of seeing my future husband standing at the end of the aisle. I still cried tears of joy ❤


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